What Are Common Injuries Seen in Car Accidents?

Car Accidents

Car accidents are some of the most unexpected occurrences. Even though they are unexpected, they often occur on the roads and amount to massive death toll each year. A car accident may impact you physically, if not fatally. Some of the car accidents injuries suffered after an automobile accident are quite common. 

It would be best if you approached a good Charlotte car accident lawyer or a personal injury attorney when you are involved in an accident. 

The claim is meant to make you whole again and, in some small way, return your life to some normalcy. 

Here are a few common car accidents injuries and a couple of things you can do to avoid each one: 


When a tendon, muscle, or ligament is strained during a car accident. The medical term for this occurrence is whiplash. During a car accident, the body is jerked suddenly, causing it to move in an abnormal motion. 

This increased motion causes strain on muscle and ligament, which is very painful. The pressure on the soft tissue might also cause whiplash. 

Scrapes and Cuts.

A car accidents injuries is nothing but messy. Escaping an accident without so much as a scrape is next to impossible. When the vehicle impacts during the accident, the vehicle occupants might end up with scratches and cuts all over the body. One might also be hit by loose items in the vehicle, causing nasty cuts and scrapes. 

Head Injuries 

Traumatic concussions and head injuries can cause health and mental complications for the victims. If not correctly handled, head injuries might bring about long-term implications like memory loss, sleeping disorders, or recurring headaches. 

You require a proper treatment plan to diagnose and treat head injuries to avoid future complications. 

Broken Ribs 

The rib cage is among the most fragile bone networks, and even a slight impact can cause some ribs to shatter. During a road accident, a sudden trauma can cause some ribs to crack if the occupants are not wearing seat belts. Broken ribs require much care and time to heal. 

Broken Bones 

The ribs are not the only bones that might break during a car accident. The impact of a car accident causes an abnormal amount of force to pass through the human body. 

The impact of the accident causes the legs, hips, and even the shoulder bones to shudder. Broken bones are the most frequently recurring injuries. 

Internal Bleeding 

It’s common to see physical bleeding after a road accident because of the cuts and scrapes. Most car accident responders do not notice any internal bleeding on site. 

Each trauma patient should be examined for any internal wounds immediately after rescue. Continued bleeding from the inside leads to excessive blood loss that might be fatal if left unchecked. 

Knee Trauma 

The sudden impact of a car crash can cause the knee to hit the dashboard. The collision might subject the knee to much pain. The immediate hit can cause ligaments, knee tendons, and the kneecap to strain or bruise. 

You might end up using crutches or a wheelchair after the accident. In some cases, reconstructive surgery is required to return the knee to normalcy. The knee is a very complicated part of the body, and complications can cause the victim to lose mobility. 

Psychological Pain 

Car accidents injuries can bring about a lot of damage. A split-second decision can change a person’s life forever. Some people end up feeling guilty and blaming the entire debacle on themselves. 

It is crucial to seek help from a registered psychologist so that you are able to cope with the traumatic experience. 

How Can You Avoid Car Accidents Injuries? 

As much as you cannot control other drivers on the road, you can only do your personal best to ensure that you are safe. 

By adhering to the road safety guidelines, you reduce the chances of getting involved in an accident. 

Nonetheless, if you get involved in an accident, hiring an experienced car accident attorney is very important. 

A seat belt should be the first thing to put on whenever you get into your vehicle. Observe the speed limit and always make sure that the vehicle is in perfect condition.


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