How Can Employer Fencing Help Streamline Your Recruitment Process


As an organisation, when you recruit, you would want a candidate who can seamlessly fit into the job role and quickly adapt to the organisational culture.  Typically a hiring company tries to reach out to a pool of candidates through job postings, advertisements, or through campus placements. 

In this fast-paced economy, it is advisable to reach out to a particular target segment rather than a general pool of candidates. Leading companies like Crooton Recruitment help you connect with specific candidates through its recently launched product ‘employer fencing.’

How Does Employer Fencing Work?

Employer fencing helps you access potential candidates who may be currently employed by your competitors. This product bridges the gap between you and the potential employee with the help of technology. 

The use of this unique product starts with specific location targetings, such as offices and manufacturing units. After that, it creates a virtual fence around these places. Every time an employee arrives at work, they enter the fence, and companies like Crooton Recruitment know that the mobile number has entered the fenced premises. 

After a usual day at work, when the potential candidate leaves the premises, they receive job posts while browsing the internet. Unlike conventional geo-targeted digital advertising, the ads are delivered after an individual exits from the targeted areas. 

This solution enables in targeting the correct set of candidates who may be working with the competitors or may be engaged in some business event and conference. 

The major advantage of employer fencing lies in streamlining your recruitment process, as explained below: 

Approaching the Right Candidates 

Employer fencing helps reach out to the right set of potential candidates rather than a generic group of prospective employees. This helps filter out the profiles that are not preliminarily suitable. It enables reaching out to individuals with the right skill set.  

You may choose the geographic target to suit your requirements, such as campus placement sites, job fairs, colleges, business schools, competitors’ offices, or manufacturing units. 

A Convenient Way to Reach Out

Once back home, an employee typically prefers spending some time online. Browsing is an easy way of getting entertainment as well as useful information. Employer fencing companies like Crooton Recruitment get your job posting delivered through various websites, including social media platforms.  

More than 70% of the United Kingdom owns a smartphone and spends more than two hours on the device daily. This makes employer fencing the most optimum way to reach out to the aspirants.

Saving Time and Effort

Employer fencing saves a lot of time and effort than the conventional mode of active recruitment. You can do away with long browsing hours to shortlist profiles. You may no longer make multiple calls to various candidates to determine their fit for a particular job role.

Seamless Transition into a New Role

When a candidate with the right talents is recruited, it supports a seamless fit into the new job role. The newly appointed employee can thus lead the organisational goals and objectives in no time. 

Improving Diversity and Inclusion 

Targeting locations with diverse populations enables connecting with diverse candidates, thereby helping your organisation have improved diversity and inclusion

With technology, employer fencing offers you the perfect solution for conveniently hiring the right candidate.


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