Actor Daniel Craig Promotes scandalizes bitcoin scandal


With a bitcoin storm, more institutional investors like Michael Novogratz and Tim draper started jumping into the bandwagon, scammers notices this fallout, including the latest plans of “the bitcoin media propaganda” including an actor named Daniel Craig (AKA James bond), whose name and reputation were drawn through the mud after being used in a BBC’s news article. 

After doing some research, it turns out that viewers in contact with fake news are led to believe that Daniel Craig is “raking among millions” and that the bitcoin era is called the “bitcoin era”, after scrolling and reading the details, seeing some links within the news article, and clicking on them, redirected to the bitcoin system era website where the first thing we found today was to become a bitcoin millionaire. If you are interested in bitcoin trading then you get more information here at

Bitcoin Era Scam

Due to the need to pay customers, affiliate networks and CFD brokers constantly, to customers, affiliate networks and media agencies, they feel that this is a new customer who attracts new customers using fake news articles, they feel that many industry monitoring sites have proved that software is fraud and highly misleading. But in spite of clearly the deceptive nature associated with these schemes, the online promoters continue to give priority to the interests of the commission involved and are primarily concerned.

scam victims step out of their hard-earned earnings – LRB – part – listing – RRB -: fake bitcoin exchanges – which in turn is responsible for cheating thousands of people from the fake trading platform. The Ponzi schemes – this kind of scam makes profits from new investors based on money, fake cryptocurrencies – the artists present fake cryptocurrencies instead of real cryptocurrency. Malware – this is the bitcoin scam that lures people to access their passwords, then hack into their bank accounts.

How to refrain from bitcoin scam

Financial frauds are constantly on the rise, (i.e. coronavirus epidemic) as per the report of the national crime agency. The UK value of financial frauds is around 190 billion a year, it seems particularly effective during the economic period, and it doesn’t seem like it will end soon. If you want to avoid being scammed, you should consider the following: make sure you get the information by doing the right research. Avoid investing in shady investment scandals by anonymous websites. Avoid getting involved in mill – rich – speedy plans, avoiding ads that make you fake promises to be a millionaire overnight, avoid advising people who tell you that there’s no risk in investing because it’s some risk in investing.

The use of Daniel Craig

Related to scams, Daniel Craig is not the first or the last celebrity, other well-known celebrities include members of Elon Musk, Gordon rays, Richard Branson and dragon den. We have not formally responded to a member of the Craig family, but have noticed a general statement that the public is advised not to belong to any bitcoin scam.

Daniel Craig is constantly being used by scammers to lure people into various rich schemes, and this time its name “bitcoin era” established in 2009 is an emerging cryptocurrency, the it through a decentralized nature attracts many investors, it has not been regulated by many financial institutions, non – suspected investors allow to benefit from the scam makers, bitcoin scammers use a fake celebrity to promote their advertisements, which is very effective in duping innocent victims.



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