Propane Torch Lowes

Propane Torch Lowes

Finding a good dab torch is essential in any dabber’s arsenal. After all, to properly enjoy your concentrate material, you’ll need a light that heats up to about 350-400 degrees. However, choosing just any dab torch won’t cut it. Selecting a low-quality model can be dangerous, considering that these torches can burn at high temperatures. 

Dab torches come in a variety of types, styles and designs which might make the selection process a bit difficult. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry. This article will list down all the factors you need to consider when looking for the best dab torch for your needs. 

Why You Need the Best Dab Torch?

While you can use lighters, they are not as effective compared to dab torches. To enjoy your material, you’ll need to have at least a temperature of 350 degrees F. Dabs need different heats to vaporize fully.

For wax or crumble concentrates, it needs 400-500 degrees F while PHO or BHO concentrates need 500-700 degrees F. Oil or shatter need at least 700 degrees F. 

Lighters cannot merely provide this enough heat, nor can they apply it evenly. Hence, using one would leave you feeling frustrated and unsatisfied.

How to Choose the Best Dab Torch 

A good dab torch just enables you to get more out of your concentrate material. Not only is it useful, but it is also safe to use.   Here is how to select yours.

Safety Features  

Dabbing may be a clean method of enjoying concentrates, but there are still risks involved. Most dab torches now come with automatic locking features for you to lock and adjust your flame. Aside from that, look for features like a removable base, non-slip grip, leak-proof construction, anti-flare capabilities, and a safety lock. 

Regardless of what dab torch, it’s essential to always purge the torch before dabbing. Moreover, make sure that you won’t fill it to the brim when using it for the first time.

Temperature Control 

Having this feature is a must since it can determine the taste and aroma you can get. Low-temperature dabs provide more flavor from your material as well as longer and smoother hits. However, the vapor it produces isn’t as dense, and there might be residues left behind.

On the other hand, high-temperature dabs effectively use up all your concentrate material which gives you thicker vapor clouds. However, you don’t get as much flavor. 


Dab torches come in a variety of sizes. For comfort and convenience, a 3- to the 4-inched torch is sufficient for daily use. With its size, you can easily bring it with you anywhere.

Bigger torches are recommended if you have a big rig. They are also convenient since they have larger capacities which reduce refills. 

Flame Jets 

For general everyday use, a single flame jet is enough. However, it all depends on the nail type the rig has. 

Single flame jets are enough for titanium nails; however, you might need more for thicker nails. Once the nail reaches at least 6mm, you might need to increase the flame jet.

Ease of Use and Refilling 

Of course, you’ll want a device that’s easy to use right off the bat. You would not want to spend hours just trying to figure it out. 

Aside from its user-friendliness, the dab torch should also be easy to refill. No one would want to spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to refill the torch. 

Look for a model that comes with a fuel indicator. This way, you can prepare cartridge before it runs out. Moreover, look for one that uses accessible cartridges. Propane torches are easier to refill since they’re cheap and everywhere.


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