Your Essential Spring Style Guide For 2020

Style Guide

This year is certainly one that will be remembered, particularly due to the emergence of COVID-19, which quickly became a global pandemic, which resulted in lockdowns worldwide. We are all hoping that the New Year will see a return to normalcy, and if you are thinking about your spring wardrobe, here are a few insights into trends that will be seen in all the right places.

Covering The Shoulders

An oversize coat or jacket is worn over the shoulders, for a wild look, and even last summer, we saw the catwalk models sporting oversize jackets with brown and black shades. Casual, pastel colour shawls are also trendy this year, adding a nice splash of colour for those spring mornings that are also chilly, and with a nice woolly hat, you have a great outfit for a walk in the park.

Bold & Explosive

The 2020 woman is one who knows her powers, and you can expect to see very bold colours and abstract patterns that openly shun etiquette by mixing textures, colours and elements. With affordable sterling silver jewellery online, you can accessorise effectively, and silver is the preferred metal, along with platinum. Prices are very reasonable when you buy silver jewellery online, plus the online jeweller has so many designs, far more than a traditional jeweller. According to Joyfully Styled, you can make your outfit more springy by adding a white hat, headbands, scarves as well as adding a statement piece of jewelry. 

Style Guide

Flower Power

We all know that fashions come around in cycles, and the 70s flower power look is back with a bang, with floral designs on large collar shirts, and, of course, the flared denim jeans. This calls for silvery jewellery and beads of many bright colours, and the online jeweller has a wide range of sterling silver jewellery of the 1970s designs. When you find what you’re looking for, a secure online payment will see the item shipped to your home address.

Animal Prints

These have been seen all this year, with leopard and cheetah prints being the most popular, and perhaps animal prints remind us that we have to protect endangered species. One can still admire the majestic creatures without harming them, indeed, many print makers support animal conservation agencies. The Big 5 t-shirts are easy to locate if you search online, and with silver jewellery, you have the perfect accessory for the animal look.

The Gypsy Look

The wild woman will boldly accessorise with large drop earrings and silver bangles, plus she will have flowers in her hair, as we stay with the natural theme of 2020. Glossy red lipstick and Art Deco jewellery are made for the gypsy look and if you need some inspiration, Google images will provide to solution.

Style Guide

Now is the time to stock up on your jewellery collection, and with very affordable silver jewellery online, you won’t have to leave your home. Whatever your particular style, you will be able to incorporate some of the above into your look, and when the New Year comes and goes, you can prepare your spring outfits with matching silver jewellery.


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