3 Vital Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Medical Cannabis Dispensary

medical cannabis dispensary

Did you know that as of the writing of this post medical marijuana is legal in 33 states? If you are planning on buying cannabis for the first time but are a bit intimidated about what to expect when you visit the medical cannabis dispensary, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to learn a few things you should know before you make your trip.

1. Bring Cash and ID

Most dispensaries are cash only and very few of them will accept credit cards. If you do not want to pay high ATM fees then bring cash with you. Before you enter you will have to show your identification to make sure you are over age.

If the dispensary is for medical and recreational purposes, then you will want to make sure that you enter through the correct entrance. For example, if you have a Medical Marijuana License in Oklahoma and there is a sign for a recreational and a medical entrance, make sure that you go through the medical entrance side.

Every dispensary is a bit different, sometimes there will be a first room with a glass window checking IDs before you enter the shop, or in other cases, you walk right into the shop.

2. Understand the Consumption Methods

When you first speak to a budtender they will ask you what type of cannabis you prefer and what your goal is. Be prepared to let them know if you want oils, flowers, edibles, waxes, etc. Doing your research before going shopping will help you out.

If you are going to enjoy a cannabis experience while on vacation in a state that it is legal then you will want to have the right equipment to consume your choice properly. Keep in mind that if you attempt to travel with smoking apparatuses you will risk getting them taken away.

In a tourist location like Denver if you book a 420 friendly hotel you will receive vaporizers for your entire stay. You can also rent vaporizers in the area if you choose.

3. No Returns

Make sure that you only buy what you feel comfortable with because once you buy you can’t return it. There are some dispensaries that will have single cookies, gummy bears, etc that you can choose instead of an entire pack. This will make it less risky if you end up not liking it because you won’t be stuck with an entire pack.

Ready to Visit a Medical Cannabis Dispensary?

Now that you have our top things to know before you visit a medical cannabis dispensary, you can choose the first dispensary you want to visit. Whether you are going in the state you live in or you are going to vacation in Colorado, check out the reviews of the dispensaries when making your decision of which shop to visit first.

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