Avoid Flushing These 4 Things Down the Toilet


The toilet in your home is not a trash can. If you’re going to flush something down the drain, remember the three Ps: paper, poo, and pee.

Throwing garbage directly into your toilet can cause major problems on your home’s plumbing system. The non-dispersible material, for instance, could clog your drain and cause your toilet to flood.

If the material contains toxic compounds or chemicals, it could damage your house pipes — forcing you to call a licensed plumber to repair or replace your plumbing system.

The flushed garbage may also end up in your city’s sewage system. The indissoluble trash you discarded will likely inside the system and adversely affect the community’s sewage treatment process.

So, don’t throw these items down the toilet:

  1. Personal Care Products

Apart from toilet paper, you shouldn’t dispose of personal hygiene products down the loo. One example is expired shampoo or liquid soap. If the color and texture do not look right, don’t let it go straight to the toilet. These products may contain chemicals that could end up in the water supply. Not every sewage plant has advanced tech that screens and eliminates these compounds out of circulation. If you want to throw them out safely, take them to your nearest household hazardous waste facility.

Then there’s the disposable or flushable wipes. Don’t be fooled by the product label. Just because they have these descriptions does not necessarily mean that they are safe for pipes and sewage systems. Unlike toilet paper, which disintegrates easily, baby or cosmetic wipes do not break down easily or at all.

2. Tissues and Paper Towels

Tissues and Paper Towels

A paper towel doesn’t disintegrate as quickly as an ordinary toilet paper. Plus, this product is large, thick, and absorbent. This stuff will clog your drain and push you to hire a professional plumber.

Besides paper towels, avoid throwing tissues regardless if they’re delicate and soft. They won’t dissolve easily. If you have a cold, use the tissue and dump the used material into the trash can.

3. Fat, Oil, and Grease

These substances are typically liquid. Over time, however, they cool down and turn into a rock or a solid mass.

They can also mix with other garbage and become a fatberg, a congealed and foul-smelling mass that accumulates inside sewer systems.

These blobs of solid waste are incredibly expensive to eliminate. CBS News reported that New York had to spend approximately $18 million on fatberg cleanup costs.

When throwing away grease, fat, oil, and other related substances, place them in a ziplock bag and throw that container in the bin.

4. Hair

If you’ve just taken out the hair in your shower drain, don’t flush it down the loo. Dump it in the garbage bin instead. Hair could wrap around drain stems and form giant balls that obstruct your home’s sewage network. What’s more, they never break down in the water.

Spare your pipes from unwanted clogs by not throwing these items to your toilet. By being careful with what you flush down the toilet, you’ll keep your plumbing system in good condition for years to come.


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