Five tips to for a bathroom countertop’s upkeep


Whilst in the past the bathroom has acted as a purely practical space, modern life has transformed these rooms into a more luxurious area of our homes that we want to spend time in. On average, people now spend 30 minutes a day in their bathroom which equates to more than 182 hours a year. Naturally this means that it is quickly becoming a room that requires regular upkeep, cleaning and maintenance, particularly for those who have granite and quartz countertops. 

As such, here we will be discussing our top five tips to ensure your countertops maintain their luxurious contemporary aesthetic.

Cleaning Products

Natural stone surfaces can be easily damaged by bleach and other highly corrosive chemicals which is why ensuring you are using the right products is key to protecting your countertops. Quartz and granite countertops are in fact very easy to clean and maintain meaning you don’t have to endlessly purchase various cleaning, disinfecting and stain removal products. Simply using a mild daily cleaner with a soft microfibre cloth is all that is required to keep your countertop free from bacteria and looking great. 

Additionally, there are some specialised granite and quartz cleaning products which are guaranteed to maintain the shine and integrity of your countertop by protecting the seal. For more information and advice on which products to use, feel free to get in touch with our team. 

Cleaning Spills

Granite and Quartz are extremely durable and highly resistant to stains, particularly when sealed correctly which means everyday bathroom spillages from toothpaste, mouthwash and other products are unlikely to stain. That being said, spills should always be wiped up as soon as possible to avoid them sitting on the countertop and slowly wearing away at the seal that protects your natural granite and quartz. Again, by using a mild daily cleaner or specialised natural stone countertop cleaner and a soft cloth you can quickly remove these spills. 

Fixing Discolouration 

Discolouration, dullness and staining can occur over time on your countertops, particularly in heavy traffic spaces such as your bathroom. Oftentimes it is not as a result of your countertop’s sealant failing or the stone itself becoming damaged but more as a result of dried soap, poor cleaner or hard water- issues that can all be fixed. 

If you begin to notice your countertop appears dull or discoloured, by using a soft nylon brush or a gentle, safe for stone scrubbing pad you can gently buff away any dried soap or minerals from hard water and then wipe away the excess with a soft cloth and gentle cleaner. If you are still unable to restore your countertops to their original shine and vibrant colours, get in touch with our team where we can advise you further. 

Regular Cleaning

It goes without saying that regular cleans are key to ensuring your bathroom countertop is kept looking its best and most experts agree on cleaning your countertops at least once a week. Bathrooms are the ultimate host for bacteria and dirt which is why you will want to keep on top of your cleaning to ensure your countertop retains its shine and beautiful natural stone aesthetic. Simply using a mild cleaner, a microfibre cloth for wiping and one for drying you will be able to quickly clean and maintain your countertop.


As mentioned, quartz and granite are extremely durable and resistant to the elements which means the moisture created by having a bath or shower shouldn’t be a problem for your countertop. That being said, it will not be completely immune to limescale build up, especially if you live in an area of the country that has hard water. Regularly cleaning and ensuring there is adequate ventilation in your space will help to reduce the chance of limescale build-up. 

If you are interested in revamping your bathroom countertop with a fresh granite and quartz installation or have any questions of how best to maintain your countertop, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at Granite & Quartz Installations on 0161 287 0715 to find out more about our worktops and receive a no obligation quote for your project.


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