3 Commercial Landscaping Design Ideas for Small Businesses

commercial landscaping

Are you hoping to take your commercial landscaping to the next level? There are some things you can do to give your commercial space a total makeover, and we’re here to help you find out how.

Keep reading for some awesome landscaping design tips and tricks that can seriously improve your space. Impress your clients with a professional and welcoming entrance that is sure to wow them.

1. Make an Entrance

Making a memorable entrance in your commercial space is a great way to create an awesome first impression. You can do so through creatively using colors and adding meandering pathways to the entrance to lead the eye and create interest. Clearly defining the flow of traffic will allow your space to appear clean and professional.

Pavement marketing, curbs, and pathways should all be easy to identify and can be broken up with plants for comfort, color, and separation. Choose appropriately colored and textured materials for your walkways to make them as accessible as possible. Make sure your company’s sign and your entrance door are all easy to see by making them distinct and well lit, as there is nothing worse than arriving at a location and not being able to find a business.

2. Complement the Architecture

While landscaping is important, you still want your building to be the focal point of your property. For this reason, it’s important to work your landscaping in so that it complements the architecture of your building. This will create symmetry and will be visually pleasing.

Allow unique elements of the architecture to stand alone, and work to cover areas that are less appealing. You can cover these areas with large plants, or consider making a living green wall. This is a great way to create a sustainable space.

3. Create a Welcoming Area

To make your space welcoming and functional, think about plants as well as hardscape elements. Add thoughtful elements that encourage your outdoor space to be utilized by visitors and employees alike. Outdoor seating areas will allow your employees to get some fresh air or take important phone calls.

Water features, such as a koi pond or waterfall area can also create a calming ambiance. These are elements both you and your employees will be grateful for, which can lead to a more productive workplace.

Another way to create a welcoming space is to make it welcoming to all. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make sure your landscaping is handicap accessible, and that handicapped parking or ramp areas are clearly marked for your visitors.

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Great Commerical Landscaping Ideas

To make the most of your workplace, try incorporating some of these awesome commercial landscaping ideas. Creating an inviting, accessible, and visually pleasing outdoor space will be a great way to impress your clients while creating a tranquil space for you and your employees.

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