Top Choice Baby Formulas

Baby Formulas

Every parent wants a healthy baby. Food plays a major role in this, even during the 1st year. Most people believe that breastfeeding is the best option always for children, but recent formula milk advances means that these products are also very good. Parents need not feel guilty about replacing/supplementing breast milk with a formula product.

Good baby milk formula will give them the nutrition they need during the 1st year. new parents will also find many formula products to select from, depending on the development, health requirements.

The Basics

All parents are naturally excited when the baby arrives, but this time can be also confusing. Parents must make critical decisions. Many parents aren’t sure about what are good ingredients in baby food, which makes them confused about selecting the correct formula milk for baby feeding. Luckily, with some information, they can check the baby formula’s ingredients quite easily.

Baby Formula 

Firstly, parents must check what makes the base ingredient in these formulas. Here are 3 common base ingredients you will find in them.

  1. Cow Milk – Cheap and very common, a formula created from this is always good, unless of course, a pediatrician has recommended something else.
  2. Soy Milk – A common base ingredient in vegan formulas. Many products are there in this category too.
  3. Lactose-Free – Many adults and even children develop allergies when they have cow’s milk. Colic pain can lead to severe crying for several hours in a day. A formula without lactose is very useful here.

Added Nutrients

Next, the parents must check the added benefits, nutrients present in them. There are all types of products out there. Some target particular needs, conditions, whereas others will provide an overall enhancement to development. Check these common additives available in them – 

  • Iron – This important mineral helps in bone building, muscle growth. Some parents fear that iron may lead to constipation. But that’s not true at all because there is never so much iron in them so that there can be constipation in babies.
  • Prebiotics – They are there to aid digestion. They soothe babies that are suffering from tummy problems as well. Many top choice baby formulas come with prebiotics or probiotics, but parents will still rightfully ensure that these formula products are safe for stomachs that are quite sensitive.
  • DHA/ARA – A fatty acid, which is present in also breastmilk. This additive is found in several formula products. They all help in the eye and brain’s growth.

Best Baby Formulas

Check out these superior quality baby formulas – 

  1. Holle Organic Formula – An organic product developed from milk obtained from Germany. The major ingredients in Holle Organic formula are rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, whey powder, palm oil, & maltodextrin, obtained from only organic corn. Maltodextrin will give babies plenty of energy. A natural thickener, it balances milk’s sweetness efficiently. A favorite in Europe, the Holle is Demeter-certified formula food.                        Baby Formulas
  2. Pro-Advance – It is not a GMO formula with HMO or 2’-FL, a prebiotic that’s very good for nourishment of immunity. It provides the gut good bacteria, thus making it naturally stronger. It also has nutrients good for both the eye, brain development. Pro-Advance also helps the cells to develop. No artificially added hormones for growth in it.
  3. NeuroPro Gentlease – Extensive research on breastmilk has gone into the making of the Neuro-Pro. Several clinical studies were also carried out to develop its brain-building nutritional abilities. Here’s the one formula where there is the MFGM or the globule milk-fat membrane. It’s a 3-layered membrane only previously available in breastmilk. It is excellent for brain growth of young children. It also has baby probiotics, proteins, DHA, which support immunity. Many parents love this gentle formula.
  4. Pro-Sensitive Formula – A popular baby formula, especially for babies where the tummy is quite sensitive. It can eliminate bouts of bloating & gas, which are painful conditions. It’s safe also for those with lactose sensitivity. It boosts the natural immunity and provides 2’-FL HMO prebiotic, which is otherwise found just in breastmilk.
  5. Similac Advance – This formula milk product is made from powder with milk as the base. It uses only superior ingredients and is completely nutritionally sufficient in every way. Many ingredients come together in a perfect blend to offer both mental, physical growth. Available in big containers, it’s also affordable.
  6. Kirkland ProCare – It’s not a major brand like many others, but this formula is still quite outstanding. This product is as good as breastmilk. No artificial products or hormones for growth. It has 2’-FL HMO to support immunity. Non-GMO. DHS, Lutein delivers eye & brain growth.

Parents must always be careful. The home must be made child-proof, feed correctly so that a baby grows up healthy, and must be careful even during play time. Here’s a detailed guide for playground safety that all caregivers may find useful. While selecting a baby formula, ensure that only the very best is used.



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