Fixing A Damaged Truck Windscreen

Damaged Truck Windscreen

A truck windscreen in ‘ok’ condition is not an option. As a truckie you are hauling a heavy and important load.

Good vision and protection whilst driving are a must. As such, it must not be damaged at all.

If your truck’s windshield contains cracks, chips, or is totally smashed then you need to seek truck windscreen repair.

Why Must A Damaged Windscreen Be Repaired

Be it a truck or any other vehicle, if the damage is repairable, it must be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise a full replacement is required. 

Forget the possible fine from the authorities and cosmetic issues. Glare from sunlight on the damaged screen will impede your vision. When this happens,  it is possible to miss an obstruction that could lead to a fatal accident. 

How to Stop the Crack or Chip From Spreading

The only way you can stop the crack, or the chip from spreading is by having it repaired. Once this damage starts, it will only expand further if it is not fixed. As time goes on, it gets more serious.

Never put off a repair as you might end up replacing the windshield which is more expensive. It will be cheaper and easier to have small damage sorted out when first noticed.

How Does A Chip or Crack Expand?

When dirt and moisture start getting into the chip or crack, it will start expanding. Besides, this sudden change of temperature could also worsen the damage.

Another thing is you should not drive carelessly on roads with poor surfaces. It is also important to avoid sudden braking as these vibrations can also cause a small chip to spread into a crack across the whole glass.

Can I Drive My Truck With a Chipped Windscreen?

Depending on the size and location of the problem, it may not pass a road safety test. 

It is worse when the problem is in the drivers vision as this impacts their visibility whilst driving.

Driving with a severely damaged windscreen is an offense, and you will get a fine for it. The truck is not roadworthy which means it could lead to an accident. The penalties you get depends on the rules and regulations in your area.

How Much to Pay for A Windscreen Repair?

How much are you supposed to pay for a windscreen repair? It is a valid question, but it depends on the damage extent, your specific vehicle and the technician.

You can check with your insurance provider to find out whether the cover includes glass damage. If it is covered, this will be better for your pocket.

If you have time to shop around for quality yet affordable repair, go ahead and do it. Remember that it will be cheaper to have the glass repaired now rather than replaced when the damage spreads.

What to Keep in Mind

It is hard to prevent windscreen damage on a truck or any other vehicle. You cannot stop the change of temperature, a pebble, or someone else from hitting it.

The best you can do is repair the damage as soon as you notice it. You do not want your truck to fail the road safety-test make sure the driver’s vision is not obstructed as you drive.

When you contact a technician make sure they have experience in truck windscreens.


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