Girls Bedroom Ideas to Add a Personal Touch at Every Corner

Girls Bedroom Ideas

If you were Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you would never run out of girls bedroom ideas. From ensuring that every object is in place, to welcoming guests (probably the Phoebe and Rachel in your life), you would want to make every bit of it perfect. But if you are more like Rachel, who keeps losing things and would instead let Monica do up her room, you would need some help. For that, we have chalked out some of the fantastic ideas that you can use to revamp your bedroom.

Girls Bedroom Ideas

Here we have something special for every girl age group. All these ideas are unique and will make your room look like a fairyland. You can use all these different creative ideas to decorate your room and leave anyone who visits awestruck. So, without wasting any more time, let us check out what the best girls bedroom ideas are:

Fairy Curtains or Drapes

To give your bedroom a magical touch and heavenly feeling, count on fairy lights. You can twin them up with sheer curtains and hang in the fairy light with it. It will surely give the bedroom a glow that is delicate and will not be very obtrusive. If you are wondering how it will be different from a table or floor lamp, let us tell you that it will make a huge difference. A fancy lamp always has more radiance and will not give your bedroom that ethereal feeling. So, for a wonderland room-look, go for the fairy drapes.

Shelves/Chest of Drawers

If you are looking for some teenage girl room ideas, then extra storage is a must. When you look at a teenager’s room, you will find the floors to be a cupboard of their warehouse. To organize that mess, putting up some shelves or placing a chest of drawers becomes extremely important. If the bedroom happens to be quite small, make storage as much as you can. But do not end up making the room too clumsy. For that, the best you can do is put up some floating shelves, which makes the room look big and open.

 Big Wall Letters

You can hang up bold, big letters on the wall. It can be your name, or anything else. And remember to give it a metallic or glow-light look. You can even put up a wreath of artificial flowers or a bird’s nest. Hang it just above the bed headboard or where you have placed the chest of drawers. It will catch the eye of anyone who enters the room. Place some interesting silver curios on top of the chest of drawers. But remember that the chunky letters should be something you believe. This is because every time you enter the room, it will be the first thing you see.

Set up a Vanity

Girls bedroom ideas are incomplete if it does not have a dressing space in it. You can easily keep the dressing area simple, elegant, and very modern. Try getting one of the carved mirrors that have a Victorian look to it. Keep the table just below the mirror and in perfect alignment. You can even get some beautiful boxes to store jewelry and other cosmetics. But do not make the tabletop look too congested, or else it ruins the Victorian-style look. Place a small light hue velvety wooden leg stool in front of the dressing table. Also, place some lights above the mirror or beside it to give it a studio look. You can even go for a bright floor lamp. But do not forget a vanity when a designing girls room!

Organize Jewelry Artistically

Whether it is a big girl or a teenager, the collection of different styles of accessories keeps increasing. So, it might be a tad difficult to fit it all in small boxes. You can try out some DIY wooden frames and hooks to hang up your chains and earrings. Put up some cup-shaped hooks right to the bottom of the frame, as the long chains that may not fit in the confined space. Using a natural colored wooden frame, you will be able to use it for all girls bedroom ideas. It can have a contemporary or traditional look, and the wood will complement any design.

Pop of Color

A small pop of color here and there always brings out the best in a setting. Moreover, you do not have to make that color pop out on the walls only. You can easily use the rugs, flower vases, shade of the lamp, a wall hanging, or anything else to put in the color. Keeping the other hues complimenting each other and putting in a drop of color makes a room look lovely. Girls bedrooms should always have a girl touch that you can do by wisely using colors. Contrasting colors are always fashionable and trendy for girls bedroom ideas.

Create a Cozy Corner

You can use this tip to create a private space inside the room itself. It can be to read a book, chat over the phone, or plunge yourself to chill out. But remember that you must create it in a beautiful corner of the room, preferably beside the window. However, if you do not find a suitable spot in front of the window, hang up curtains and place a lovely comfortable chair. You can even try putting a leg rest. Also, place a small rug in front of it with a lamp beside the chair. The carpet you place will define this corner. Place some lovely cushions and make the space cozier.

Make Full Use of Place

You can make DIY wall hanging and keep the top portion of the dresser empty for work. Girls can easily use it to study, work, or do their homework. Everything you place should have a dual-use to it. That is how you will make full use of the spaces, especially in cases of a small bedroom. Moreover, the wise use of small rugs defines the place so well that you will be able to identify where it starts and ends. Also, remember to keep the top of the dresser cleanable. Only then you can save it from the study spills or make-up mess that requires easy cleaning.

Place the Heart on the Walls

Instead of using the walls for a pop of color, make a place where you put up pictures. Girls bedroom ideas are incomplete without having some snaps on them. It makes the room more private and intimate too. You can incorporate the snaps onto one small space and use beautiful frames. But remember to place the frames well so that it turns out to be the center of attraction. Start with childhood pictures or family snaps. When the snaps are placed, it should be done in a way to bring back thousands of memories. After the images are up, try placing some focal lights so that the pictures light up.

Make a Honeycomb Wall

You can try out making an accent honeycomb wall. It can be a little bizarre, but this wacky theme will be one of a kind. You know well how a honeycomb looks; the design is unconventional. But that what will overpower the saturation. Put in lots a gradient of colors and make it as funky as you can. But remember to use lots of white and move towards the bottom of the wall.

Create a Workspace

You should have a clear idea of the entire space to bring out the most of its productivity. And if you have got that right in your headspace, creating a work area shouldn’t be much of a problem. With the gorgeous use of pinks pastels, whites, and blues, the atmosphere will bring in your focus. Apart from loving to spend their leisure time in the bedroom, girls will love to breathe into an air of attention. So, use the bookshelves, and folding tables to create an area for work. Whether it’s for assignment projects or any other task, swapping around the room with dedicated spaces is always fun! Remember to place in some cushions on the chairs as well. This place should be light-hearted and motivational too.

Use Floral Prints

It is not necessarily important that you paint the other walls of the girls bedroom with a floral print. You can easily try a DIY with plastic flowers, wood scraps, hot glue guns, and wooden letters. In this way, you can create a unique piece that no store can give you. Another advantage of a DIY is you can easily keep swapping the colors of the plastic flowers as the season changes. Else why not change them when you are approaching your next holiday? All these factors add in the feminine touch into the room, which makes a girls room bright, cheerful, and customized.

Keep it Inspiringly Simple

When we highlight girls’ bedroom ideas, it does not mean we are focusing on teddies and ruffles. You can easily give a feminine touch by using florals, bows, and frills. Moreover, right now, the use of animal prints and geometrical designs are a lot in trend. So, use these prints and colors to bring out the girly look into the room. More so, delicate things, soft hues, clear lines, and minimalistic décor brings out the feminine charm quickly. Do not focus on just stuffing in too much pink into a girls room. Warm colors also give the room a girly look.

Use Chalkboard Paint

If you are searching for teenage girl room ideas, you must include the use of chalkboard paint. With a layer of this paint, you are allowing the teenager’s creativity to flow simply. Even more, just a simple rub removes the created art and allows new creative juices to flow. However, if you are looking for big girl bedroom ideas, this paint will help then too. Any easy writing of daily schedule or assignment planning, this paint will help tremendously. Moreover, there will be a place for writing out the recent favorite film’s dialog or song lyrics. Favorites remain for long, but a new one always adds on, so you can quickly write out your heart and rub it off whenever you like!

Use Blue Tints

Do you count among those who think blue is just a masculine color? Try placing a few bright blue hues at a few corners of the room, will highlight the whites, and other pastels you have not used earlier. The blue shade gives the prints a bold outline that breaks the monochrome. Also bringing in the sense of tranquility into the entire space. Apart from the wonderland feel, giving the room a touch of nature adds in a few greens. You can try placing a few indoor plants that will make your room look marvelous.

Girls Bedroom Ideas

Final Thoughts

If you create a clear blueprint of all the ideas given above, the room you will design will be outstanding. Every detailing is important to make the room look at its best. Place out all the elements so that they complement each other and highlight the factors the room has. Only then will your room look serene and leave anyone who visits with a feeling to stay there forever. Making your space look lively is tough but not impossible. Only when you successfully execute the best girl bedroom ideas well, that is the time you will know you have accomplished the goal!


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