Fresh and Clean: 10 Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

small laundry room design

When you imagine your laundry room, you probably don’t picture anything special. These spaces are often lackluster, cramped, and neglected. And if they’re windowless and musty, they may even look like an eyesore.

But with a little inspiration, it isn’t hard to create a practical and stylish space that makes you feel a little less likely to procrastinate doing your clothes. Here are some small laundry room design ideas to give you the big space you need—with style.

1. Use Curtains to Block off Space

Small laundry rooms can be unsightly, especially if your “room” is more of a “nook” that sits off another part of the house.

Before we get into the details of making the most of your small space, here’s one of our favorite small laundry room ideas: use a curtain rod and some tasteful curtains to separate your laundry space from the rest of your house. This is great when the laundry room sits in an area that would be hard to close off with a door, and it’s a good way to hide the space from sight when guests come around.

2. Add Pedestal Drawers

Most homeowners don’t realize that many newer washers and dryers have the option to come with pedestal drawers, or drawers that fit underneath the unit for added storage space. If you didn’t take advantage of these drawers when you first bought your appliances, you may be able to contact your manager to retrofit them.

Some pedestal drawers even come with sectioned storage space, allowing you to separate different types of soaps, detergents, or supplies. What’s more, they also raise your washer and dryer a little higher off the ground, making it easier to access them without bending over.

3. Make Space for Your Appliances

Whether you’re buying new units or looking for appliances for leasing, it’s always a good idea to find options that will offer a little more space in a cramped room. Whenever possible, try to pick units that can be stacked vertically, as this can make a smaller space look more open.

You might also want to consider sticking with just a washer, as long as you don’t mind hanging clothes to dry. This may not be a good option for everyone, but it’s a great way to save space in a smaller laundry room.

4. Install Task Lighting

If you’re going to be spending time folding clothes in your laundry room, you’ll want to make sure it’s a comfortable workspace.

Pendant lights are stylish ways to focus light where you need it most. You can also install lights under your cabinets if you fold clothes directly on your washer or dryer, and wall sconces can help illuminate any storage you keep along your walls as well.

5. Add Storage Wherever Possible

Small laundry rooms may be lacking in storage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own. Here are some of our favorite small laundry room storage ideas to house your essentials:

  • Hang storage racks from a single nail or hook in your wall
  • Add shelves in tight corners or nooks, or repurpose a bookshelf for laundry storage
  • Install a pole across the ceiling for drying clothes, or add a wall-mounted drying rack to one of the walls
  • Use closet door storage options to add storage space to the back of the laundry room door
  • Try a pegboard wall, a surprisingly practical way to house tools, cleaning supplies, and more

If there’s a blank space in your laundry room, there’s a way you can add storage to it!

6. Use Jars and Baskets

Whether you put them on your shelves or directly on your laundry units, jars and baskets are a great way to keep you organized while offering a simple touch of extra style.

Woven, natural-looking baskets are trending now, but you can also get fuss-free plastic options for easy cleanup. Glass jars add a minimalist touch to your style, and they can turn your cleaning supplies into easy decorations.

7. Add Pops of Color

Colorful or bold wallpaper can feel too adventurous when you’re considering the design of spaces you spend a lot of time in, like the kitchen or living room.

But in terms of very small laundry room ideas, a bold wallpaper can make a small space feel more cheerful, especially if it’s windowless or dark. You can also opt to paint the space a fun color, blush pink or bright blue, to help brighten a space and give it a touch of whimsy.

Don’t forget to also give the room a little personality without sacrificing real estate. While you’re adding storage space to your walls, you can also opt for a framed artwork or two to spice up the area.

8. Grow a Little Greenery

Every space looks a little homier with a touch of plant life. In addition to adding to the design of your space, plants help to freshen and clean the air—which is crucial for a musty laundry room.

Even homeowners with a black thumb will find that the right plants for low-light conditions, like those of a dark laundry room, will stay hardy and strong with minimal care.

9. Splurge on Your Sink

While not every small laundry room will have space for a sink, this is a key feature to get into your design if at all possible. Laundry room sinks are practical and stylish ways to handle cleanup and to pre-treat stains, so you’ll want to get the biggest one you can afford. Try to get it as close to your washer as possible for easy transfer, and opt for a deep basin for soaking.

10. Label Everything

The smaller the laundry room, the more likely you are to keep your essentials tightly packed. This cramped space can make organization a hassle unless you’re systematic about it.

Try adding labels to the things you need—especially cleaning supplies you need less frequently, as you’ll have a hard time finding them at a moment’s notice. Done right, labels can be a great way to add more style to your laundry room design. Try elegant chalkboard labels to rewrite as needed or laminated and printed designs for a little flair.

Get Started on Your Small Laundry Room Design

The right small laundry room design can completely refresh and revitalize a tired space—and often, all it takes is a little forethought. Make the most of your little area with a few of these tips, or redo the area with all of them! As you work on creating a tasteful space, don’t forget to check out our other ideas on decor, organization, and more.


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