DIY Tricks to Make Your Car Look Good for Longer

Car Look Good for Longer
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A car is a necessity that most people can’t live without. And since it requires a considerable investment to buy a car, taking good care of your vehicle is a must. A car that runs well and looks good for a long time will ensure that you get the most value out of your purchase. Regardless of if it’s brand new or used, there are well-established best practices that will guarantee your comfort while driving.

Importance of car maintenance

A vehicle, like any other machine, requires regular maintenance. Although some aspects of maintenance can be expensive, there are a few you can manage without breaking the bank. There are plenty of DIY tips to consider if you want your car to look its best for longer. In this article, we will discuss some of these tips and why they’re worth trying.

Protect your car’s exterior from the elements

Weather is one of the biggest contributors to car degradation. Prolonged exposure to the sun will fade the paint color and make it brittle. Rain and moisture will cause corrosion and damage to vital car parts. But, covering your vehicle or keeping it inside the garage isn’t sufficient. You’ll need to take additional measures to protect the exterior and make it more durable. One option is to use a spray on bedliner if you have a truck. It will prevent scratches and make the surface waterproof. Bedliner may also be applied to other exterior surfaces which will reinforce them against the elements.

Install seat covers

Car seats will last longer if you put seat covers that will protect them from abuse. Fortunately, you can choose from a variety of colors and materials that will suit the interior of your car. Using seat covers is also ideal if you have young kids or love to eat inside your car.

Keep the inside clean and organized

Many people neglect cleaning the inside of their cars. But a vital aspect of car maintenance includes making sure that you don’t leave any trash inside. Over time, dust and dirt can pile up and damage the interior. You don’t need to pay for expensive cleaning services all the time. A good dusting and vacuuming at least once a month will be sufficient. Also, make sure that personal items are carefully organized inside. You can also add beverage holders and other accessories for passengers to put their things in.

Replace mats

Car floor mats get damaged easily with frequent use. If you want to keep the original mats looking good for longer, you can buy matting to use over it. As much as possible, keep the mats clean and free of any debris. Rubber mats are also a better choice because they are waterproof and more durable. Running boards can also act as a doormat for vehicles; a place where people can wipe dirt off their shoes before entering. A footboard such as the RBP RBP-216-SP-XD Running Board not only helps in keeping the interior of your truck or car clean, but also prevents rock chips and other road debris from hitting your vehicle.

Replace windshield wipers

Depending on where you live, you may need to replace your windshield wipers more often. Cleaning the blades at least once a week will also keep them in good condition much longer. If available, use a windshield treatment product to protect it from water damage.

Always clean the inside of windows

Every time you clean the car windows, don’t forget to include the inside. The back of the windows can get grimy, especially if you have kids. Always use a car cleaner, and never any ordinary household cleaning product with harsh chemicals.


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