Tips For A Massive Junk Removal Project

Junk Removal

Junk removal is stressful. When it follows the death of a loved one, is brought on by a relocation, or is part of a home renovation it can be just the tip of the stress iceberg. If you are facing this overwhelming task, read on. We are here for you with tips for a massive junk removal project.

Know Your Junk

The reason you need a mass junk removal will indicate the types of junk needing to be removed. The type of junk you need removed will indicate the best method for the removal.   Companies such as N. Vitale Disposal Inc. offer services that can help you through your project too.  

Loss of a Loved One

If you’ve recently lost a parent, grandparent, or other loved one who has been in the same home for years, you will have a lot of stuff to deal with. After giving surviving loved ones time to process and decide what they might want to keep to remember their loved one by, you will be left with a large variety of things that will need to go in order to sell the home.  

The type of junk here can be everything from trash to clothes to furniture and appliances.

Relocation or Spring Cleaning

A new job or a fresh start is exciting. Dealing with packing and relocating all of your stuff isn’t. Chances are, in the process of packing up you will find a lot of stuff you don’t want to move and nobody else wants it either. 

Similarly, in the process of doing a big cleanout, we often find we have been keeping things we don’t need or like, that no longer work, or that we didn’t even remember we owned!

Once again, we have trash, clothes, furniture and appliances, but probably on a smaller scale than the loss of a loved one.

Home Remodeling

Remodeling your home leaves you with a fresh, more functional space. Unfortunately, it also leaves you with a lot of debris and junk! And that stuff is heavy and requires professionals such as NJ’s Cleaning World, Inc.

You may have discarded appliances, cabinets, sheetrock, shingles, carpet, paint, and even the kitchen sink. 

Yard Cleanup

Like remodeling, yard cleanup leaves your space new and improved. Also like remodeling it can leave you with a big mess.

Rocks, dirt, leaves, limbs, old landscaping or even entire trees may be leftover. You are less likely to need to separate these types of items.

Whatever you are removing, the more you know about it before you decide how to remove it, the better decisions you can make. 

Jnk Removal Options

No matter what type of junk you are removing and how much of a DIY-er you are, there is a junk removal option for you. 

DIY Junk Removal

If you are industrious, and you have access to a pickup truck, you may opt to go full DIY. It will take the most physical and mental effort of the options, as well as the most time. It will be important for you to contact your local dump BEFORE you start loading anything.

 You will need to know the local and federal rules for dumping. Certain hazardous waste items (cleaners, paints) will not be allowed or will have to be dumped a certain way. And even some furniture items are not allowed in dumps. You will likely need to separate your items by category, and you may need to drain hazardous fluids from appliances such as refrigerators and A/C units.

Also, the dump isn’t free. When you call ahead, be sure to find out what kind of fees you will be looking at.

Renting a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is the middle ground for physical, time, and monetary cost.  There are many dumpster rental companies you can choose- take your pick!


This post should have given you some helpful tips for your junk removal project.  Now get to it and clean up that junk!



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