How To Feed Outdoor Cats When On Vacation

Outdoor Cats When On Vacation

Feeding outdoor cats when on vacation is very simple, and either requires you to purchase an automatic food dispenser, or to hire someone to feed your cat while you are gone. Trips are always fun to plan and go on, but nothing can ruin your mood than having to leave your cat at home. The truth is that your cat can stay at home while you’re out on your vacation, as long as you’re well prepared. Just make sure you leave your cat with everything they need at home, and everything will turn out fine. If you want to know how to go on a trip while your cat is at home, and how to feed your outdoor cat; keep on reading.

Feed your outdoor cats with a food dispenser

Before you leave, you should stock up on a large amount of food. You will also want to purchase an automatic food dispenser. With the food dispenser, all you have to do fill up each portion of the dispenser, and then set intervals for when the feeder should dispense food. Dry cat food should be used as it will not spoil. Only use this method for a shorter vacation of 2 – 3 days. Also, make sure that the feeder’s timer works, so your cat will actually get the food for when they are supposed to get it.   Another thing you need to make sure your cat has is water. You’re probably wondering how you will give your cat water while you’re on your trip? There are water fountains that will give your cat water when you’re not available. It is recommended that you purchase a quiet water fountain, as the noise on a regular one can become disturbing.

Hire somebody to feed your outdoor cats

For any trip longer than a couple of days, you can’t leave your cat unchecked; somebody has to come in regularly to check upon them. For a longer vacation, somebody has to come to your house to feed your outdoor cat. If you don’t have any family member or friend that can check up on your cat, you can hire someone to come in regularly to check-in. You should make sure it’s someone that has good recommendations and is a certified animal lover. You don’t want to hire anyone that will be maltreating your cat. Whomever you want to hire has to babysit your cat before your trip so you can see how your cat reacts with them. There’s nothing worse than hiring somebody your cat does not like. You will also want to show them the technique of feeding your outdoor cat as some outdoor cats have very trick routines.

Don’t stay away too long

At the end of the day, there’s only so much your sitter can do for you. You need to make sure your cat doesn’t stay alone by itself for too long because they can get lonely. Think of how it felt when you were left alone at home and imagine your cat in that position. It feels horrible, doesn’t it? That’s how your cat feels when you leave them alone for long, so don’t be gone too long.

You can have fun on your trip while having peace of mind that your cat is comfortable at home. Being well prepared will almost make your cat not notice your absence. You just need to make sure that you leave them in the care of someone trustworthy because they can affect your cat a whole lot. Remember; begin the interviewing process for a sitter before you travel. Follow all the tips above, and your cat will have a blast while you’re on your trip.



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