Types of Pools to Consider for Your Backyard Paradise

types of pools

Are you in the market for a backyard pool? Choosing the right type of pool can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. When you think about why you want a pool, what space you have to work with, and what your budget looks like, you can make your decision more easily.

Keep reading to lead more about the types of pools that can make your backyard a paradise!

A Concrete Pool Is the Most Popular Type

Inground pools made of concrete are the most popular type on the market. At an average cost of just over $51,000, they’re also the most expensive option — but they’re versatile. You can choose just about any shape and size for a concrete pool.

The concrete is poured into a steel frame, and once it dries, everything is smoothed and painted. These pools will last from 15 to 30 years if you maintain them well.

Vinyl Pools Are Another Great Choice

If you’re not ready for the financial commitment of a concrete pool, vinyl is another good option that is slightly cheaper. With vinyl pools, a vinyl liner is fitted within a steel frame. You’ll end up with a pool that can last up to 12 years before the liner needs to be replaced.

One drawback of these pools is that you’ll have fewer options when it comes to the pool’s shape. The upside? Some vinyl pools can be installed in under a month — that’s much faster than the typical timetable for concrete pool installation.

Or Go With Fiberglass

Are you really itching to get swimming and not wanting to wait several weeks? Then a fiberglass pool may be for you. These pools can be installed in just a matter of days!

Like vinyl pools, there are limited options for size and shape. But if the summer heat has you feeling stir-crazy, a fiberglass pool can provide an instant solution.

No matter what type of inground pool you choose, it’s critical that you maintain your pool. You can expect to pay $1,000 to $3,000 to do this. That may sound like a lot of money, but you want your pool to last for years of summer fun!

Try Above-Ground Pools For a Cost-effective Option

If inground pools will burst your budget, get started with an above-ground pool. You can do this for under $1,000 if you shop carefully, and you’ll still be able to splash and swim to your heart’s content.

Even though above-ground pools call more attention to themselves than inground pools, you can soften their presence and class up your swimming experience with some plants and landscaping.

Any of these pool choices will benefit from a few well-placed ornamental grasses or potted plants. And if you have kids, be sure to invest in a gate to ensure pool safety.

Which Types of Pools Do You Love?

Buying a pool is a big investment, and you want to consider which pool is best for you. With so many types of pools, spend time reviewing the possibilities before you break ground.

For more ideas on how you can build the perfect lifestyle, check back with us for more great articles!


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