Types of Black Tea You Ought to Know

Black Tea

The slightest mention of tea, especially in the West, brings to mind the image of the most undoubtedly consumed tea, black tea. The tea’s popularity can be attributed to its highly antioxidizing properties as well as its caffeine levels that give its users the energy they need to start their mornings. Research also shows that all types of black teas help keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Each type of black tea has a unique taste, aroma, color and health benefit depending on the country it was produced. With the various stores selling teas in the UK, it may be challenging to find an authentic store that offers a wide variety of teas in both tea bags and loose leaf tea. However, Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company is an online tea and coffee shop that has a range of 1,000 teas and coffees sourced from different parts of the world. You can order the various types of black teas, and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. This article talks about the multiple types of black teas and how you can get your tea bags online.

Tasting Tea

Different types of beverages, such as wines and coffees, all come in different tastes to suit the varying consumer needs. Tea is no different. It comes in a variety of flavors and concentrations. Traditionally, the typical strong tea is what most tea palates comprised of. This type of tea could stand lots of ice, creams, and sweeteners. It never had different flavors as its production was only aimed at satisfying the market demand.

As consumers penetrated deeper into the world of tea, they realized that it could be made available in different flavors. This discovery led to an increase in demand for flavored tea, and this was the beginning of the production of the different types of tea.

The different tea types owe their uniqueness to factors such as:
• Where the tea was grown.
• Time of harvesting.
• What crop grew near it in the garden.
• Mode of fertilization; whether natural or through chemicals.
• Method of oxidizing.
• Condition of packaging, whether orthodox or non-orthodox.

Types of Black Teas

The color and flavor of black teas vary from one type to the other. The color ranges from amber to dark brown and red. And the tastes include smoky, fruity, metallic, spiced, malty, and brisk. Below is a list of the different types of black teas that you should know.

Golden Nepal

Just as the name suggests, this tea is grown in Nepal. It is one of the most flavorful black teas in the market today. Its leaves are medium-sized, and when brewed, they bring out a rich smoky taste. Golden Nepal has a copper yellow color, and you can serve it either black or add milk, ghee and sweeteners. It has a medium caffeine content with a good number of antioxidants that are good for your health.

Organic Darjeeling Tea Risheehat

This tea grows in the Himalayas, and it has even-sized leaves. When brewed, it produces a nutty taste. The tea has a yellow liquor color when in a cup, and it is best when served without any additions. It has low caffeine levels, and regular consumption of Darjeeling tea boosts body metabolism enabling the body to burn fats quickly and efficiently. It is, therefore, suitable for weight loss.

Organic Yunnan

It is grown in the Yunnan province of Southern China. Yunnan tea has a coppery liquor color with a distinct spicy, smoky and sweet taste. Most people describe this taste as earthy. The high levels of caffeine in this tea make it an excellent early morning drinking to help you kickstart your day. You can either serve it back or with additions. It has a blend of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that promotes weight loss, aids in digestion, and prevents skin breakouts.

Kenya Leaf Tea

According to its name, this type of tea originates from Kenya, East Africa, and it is among the most popular brands in the world. It has a medium caffeine level, and when served, it brings out its orange-like liquor color. It has a sweet malty taste and is also slightly nutty. You have a choice to serve it either black or with additions such as milk, honey, lemon, or sugar. Frequent consumption of this tea boosts your body’s metabolism.

Portsmouth Loose Tea

It was initially consumed in Portsmouth only, but its consumption has spread wider to other parts of the world. This loose leaf tea has its leaves broken down into small pieces, which bring out the tea’s flavors when brewed.

This is the type of tea to choose if you want a tea with a rich malty taste and medium caffeine levels. It has a coppery tone when served, and you can either drink it black or with additions. In addition to boosting your immunity, Portsmouth loose tea is also an excellent boost to your oral health. It has polyphenolic compounds that suppress the cavity-causing bacteria and prevents the formation of plaque.

Other popular types of black teas include Assam tea orange broken pekoe, Arctic fire tea, and Keemun 3 monkey tea.

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