5 Tips For Hiring Furnace Repair and Heater Install Services In Surrey

Heater Install Services

Dwelling in cold climates can be extremely challenging for homeowners as temperatures settle below freezing point. The only way to prevent cold weather from affecting the comfort of your home is by installing a furnace. 

The installation of heating systems requires expertise, extensive experience, and the use of the right equipment. Since most homeowners lack the necessary skills for handling the procedure, this job is best to be left in the hands of furnace installation and repair experts. 

The following tips will help you hire the best one in your local area.

Check references and reviews

The initial step of your journey towards hiring the right furnace installation and repair services should be checking references and reviews of the contractors in your local area. After selecting a couple of promising candidates, make sure each of them provides you with references. You’re strongly advised to contact the former clients listed on the reference list so as to gain valuable information about the conduct and expertise of the furnace repair professionals. 

Moreover, when getting in touch with previous clients, use the opportunity to ask solely relevant questions, related to the companies’ timeliness and overall professionalism. It’s paramount for the contractors to be careful towards the property of clients, as you don’t need a negligent repairman to cause additional damage. Use these conversations to learn whether the professionals test the furnace before leaving the house, as some contractors have a habit of skipping this step. 

After contacting each homeowner on the reference list, check the reputation of the furnace repair companies through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The role of this organization is to help homeowners hire trustworthy contractors by providing credible ratings and complaints against local repairmen. Read more about the indispensable role of the BBB.  

Check license and certifications

The following step of your search for the right installation and repair services is checking professional licenses and certifications, which every reputable contractor is expected to have. Such licenses are issued by the contractors’ state license board and the license number is supposed to be posted on their websites. 

Anyhow, feel free to ask for printed proof of license during the initial consultations. Most of these professionals are also equipped with EPA and NATE certificates, which serve as proof of excellent customer service.

Furthermore, reputable companies provide potential clients with criminal background checks of their employees to ensure safety. Beware of companies that lack a licensing number on their website or refuse to provide you with employee criminal background checks. Bear in mind that some contractors might trick by providing an expired license, which is why you need to inspect the validity of their permits. 

Ask for an in-person estimate

When installing a new heating system or having your furnace repaired, it’s paramount to be provided with an in-person estimate, not one over the phone. Make sure you hire a reputable contractor, such as https://sureguardheatingplumbing.ca, which performs a detailed home evaluation prior to offering an estimate. There’s no possible way for the contractor to calculate the approximate cost of installation without completing a thorough inspection. 

Additionally, these professionals base their estimates on numerous indispensable factors, such as the square footage of your house, the type of insulation, as well as the number and placement of windows. Apart from inspecting their type, HVAC contractors also check window orientation. 

Another important aspect that these experts consider is the duct system, which is supposed to be in good working condition before installing a furnace. Therefore, they inspect the ductwork for potential leaks and loose duct connections that might compromise the installation process. 

Consequently, the furnace size will not be solely determined by the square footage of your home, but by its insulation and the climate condition of the area where you live. Most HVAC contractors use the Manual J Load Calculator to calculate the approximate size of the heater by entering all relevant information into the software. 

After performing the necessary calculations, the HVAC contractor is expected to provide a written estimate, which includes both material and labor costs, energy efficiency savings, and warranty details. Make sure you avoid verbal estimates, as these can’t be used in court if one of the parties violates the verbal agreement. 

Consider availability

Availability is of major importance when looking for a reliable furnace installation and repair contractor. Most of these companies provide emergency services, thus being available for their clients 24/7, not only during regular office hours. 

Hiring round-the-clock services is particularly beneficial when it comes to furnace repairs, as heating system defects may cause severe property deterioration if not handled promptly. Therefore, make sure you hire a company that offers 24/7 customer service with representatives who are constantly available for their clients. 

Consider energy efficiency

When upgrading your furnace for a newer model, it’s vital to look for a unit that provides maximal energy efficiency. Fortunately, HVAC contractors are experts is advising homeowners about selecting the most affordable, yet highly energy-efficient model. 

Moreover, you’re recommended to choose an energy star rated unit, as these are believed to be the most energy-efficient furnace models in the market. Click here to get familiar with the energy star labels. For excellent results, make sure you hire an energy star verified HVAC installer. 


Hiring the right furnace professional means saying goodbye to cold weather and enjoying the winter! 



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