Protect Your Furniture When Moving House With These Tips


We all know just how challenging moving to a new house can be, and aside from the many things to arrange, making sure that your prized possessions are safe and secure during the relocation is a primary concern. In this article, we will offer you some tips on how best to protect your valuable furniture and other possessions when relocating.

Use the correct packing materials

It might sound obvious, but if you don’t have the right packing materials, your precious possessions can easily get damaged in transit. A lot of bubble wrap is one essential requirement, which is something that highly experienced removalists in Brisbane use as standard practice. Small, delicate ornaments can be wrapped in this material, while large items of furniture would benefit from having bubble wrap on the corners.

Plastic sheeting

While you might use old blankets to put between furniture items (which gives a cushion effect), inserting a sheet of thick plastic will ensure that the item is doubly protected. You can buy plastic sheeting by the roll, or you could ask the removalist to handle the packing, which eliminates the need for item protection, as the experts know their stuff.

Create a loading plan

The truck (or container) is an empty space and how you utilise that will determine the safety, as well as making the best use of space. Start with the largest items, mattresses and furniture that cannot be disassembled. Make sure that every cupboard and drawer is full of wrapped items, otherwise it is empty space, which is not what you want. It is worth noting that items you wish to use first should be packed last, at the very back of the container, and any item you think you will need quickly, should be stored near the rear. There is a great life blog on packing tips when moving house, which lists some great hacks.

Leave it to the experts

Perhaps the best tip of all, removal teams have seen it all; grand pianos and large works of art to name but a few of the delicate items they can safely transport to a new location.  A comprehensive removal service only requires an inventory that you create, listing everything that is to go, then they can make their own loading plan, and using colour coded boxes, they make sure that unpacking is a breeze. (Kaieteurnewsonline)

Weight Distribution

Ask any truck driver about weight distribution and they will confirm that it is critical to have the weight evenly distributed, with the heavy items centrally located on the floor, to help with stability. Securing the load is also critical, which is another reason to leave it to the experts, who have special ties that secure everything down during transit, and if you are going to rent a van and do the move yourself, pay particular attention to securing the load.

If you have expensive and delicate items in your home, rather than taking a chance, call in an experienced removalist. Ask them to give you the comprehensive service, which leaves you free to arrange things like utility connections and cancelling subscriptions.


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