Bump up Your Health: 4 Nutritional Benefits of Eating Hemp Seeds

benefits of eating hemp seeds

Did you know hemp seeds are great to add to your food? There are so many benefits of eating hemp seeds that we just have to tell you about them.

Hemp seeds are easy to find in your local health-food store. And they taste great in food too.

Adding non feminized hemp seeds to your diet can make you stronger, promote overall wellness, and even make your hair shine more brightly!

Read on to learn about some of the best nutritional aspects of putting hemp seeds in your food.

1. The Good Fat

One of the biggest benefits of eating hemp seeds is that they contain essential fatty acids. These include alpha-linolenic acid, which is an omega-3 fatty acid.

Omega-3 fatty acid is polyunsaturated fat. This kind of fat is great for your overall health. Additionally, hemp seeds contain no trans fats and only a little saturated fat.

2. Lots of Fiber

Hemp seeds have a lot of fiber in them. Most of the fiber is in the shell. Always try to buy and eat hemp seeds that come in their shell.

If you add 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds to your food you’ll get 1.2 grams of fiber!

The fiber you get from eating hemp seeds can help with managing your weight because it reduces your appetite. Your gut will be healthier. Hemp seed fiber also helps balance your blood sugar levels.

3. Minerals and Vitamins

Hemp seeds contain a good amount of minerals and vitamins. By eating hemp seeds you’ll add vitamin E, phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium to your diet. You’ll also get niacin, thiamine, vitamin B-6, riboflavin, and folate.

The magnesium you get from hemp seeds is important. In particular, magnesium helps your metabolism and prevents heart disease and osteoporosis.

Adding magnesium through hemp seeds can also help women experiencing premenstrual syndrome symptoms such as leg swelling, tenderness of the breasts, bloating, and more.

4. Protein

The protein in hemp seeds is one of the benefits of eating hemp seeds. In fact, protein makes up more than a quarter of the total calories contained in hemp seeds. That’s a higher ratio than other trendy “superfoods,” such as chia seeds and flaxseeds.

It’s easy to get your protein from hemp seeds because they don’t contain any phytates. Many other vegetarian sources of protein do have phytates. It’s harder for the body to absorb minerals from proteins if there are phytates present in the food.

In 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds, there are 9.5 grams of protein.

Other Benefits

The fatty acids you get from hemp seeds provide a lot of nutrition, which is good for your internal health. But they are also beneficial to the health of your skin, hair, and nails

Eating hemp seeds provides the nutrition your body needs to keep your skin moisturized. They also allow your body to repair damaged skin more quickly.

If you want to grow your own CBD hemp seeds, it’s easy to do so.

These Are Just Some of the Benefits of Eating Hemp Seeds

As you can see, hemp seeds provide you with a lot of the things your body needs to be healthy and strong. The benefits of eating hemp seeds relate directly to the amount of good fat, the protein, and the vitamins and minerals they contain.

Hemp seeds pack a serious punch when it comes to promoting your health because they contain large amounts of protein, minerals, and polyunsaturated fat in a small measure. Add 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds to your food and reap the benefits.

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