7 DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas For a Luxurious Look and Feel

diy bathroom remodel

The average cost of remodeling a master bathroom is at least $11,700. The primary factor making this price to be over the roof is the labor cost. So, why not consider a DIY and save yourself the financial strain?

You can upgrade your bathroom to have a luxurious ambiance without involving a contractor. The best part is that you don’t have to undergo a total bathroom renovation. A few touch-ups and additions here and there can spruce up your master bathroom with minimal efforts.

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Here are top DIY bathroom remodel ideas to upgrade your space.

1. Use Large Scale Lighting

Bathroom lighting is one of the features that can affect your space regarding aesthetics and functionality. Bathroom lighting options are endless. You can have a type of lighting that flatters the space while still giving you adequate illumination.

The flush-mount chandeliers are amongst the large-scale lighting that can change your bathroom’s atmosphere. For a small bathroom remodel, the lights are ideal as they are overhead, meaning that they won’t take any physical space.

If you love classic pieces, the statement pendant is another lighting option that you can consider. Artful scones can also double up as statement pieces with a decorative aspect. Besides the artificial lighting, take full advantage of natural lighting if your bathroom is against big windows.

2. Add a Unique Decorative Mirror

Mirrors can make your DIY bathroom remodel to feel like a million-dollar project. A large mirror with an unusual finish such as tortoiseshell or gold can elevate the bathroom’s look. Besides, a mirror gives an illusion of improved visual space.

The mirror choice depends on the usage. If you’re looking for more functional aspects of the mirrors, ornately carved wooden mirrors might not play the part. For a mirror meant to check your outfit as you head out, a large mirror will do.

You can check the guide on how to choose a wall mirror for your master bathroom. The ideas will ensure that you get the best form of the bathroom mirror to accentuate the space. You can get a mirror that will be highly functional and still improve your bathroom’s appeal.

3. Play With Colors

Painting is one of the easiest projects that can have a significant impact on your home. The best part of this DIY bathroom remodel idea is that it is fun. Changing your bathroom walls from a plain white to your color of choice is mind-blowing.

If your bathroom tiles don’t have the best color, you can paint a contrasting color wall to draw attention from the tiles. In dark spaces, you can add a shiny coat to increase its glimmer. A sheen on your ceiling can prove magical.

A fresh coat of paint on your tub’s exterior can complement other colors within your bathroom. The color coat can either be semi-gloss or satin. If your tub has been peeling or rusting, you can sand it fast to remove the old paint before repainting.

4. Floating Vanities

Adding a floating vanity in your bathroom can increase your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics. A floating vanity refers to a bathroom cabinet often anchored to your bathroom wall. It appears to be floating as it hardly extends all the way to the floor.

A floating vanity upgrades a bathroom, giving it an airy and spacious feel. It would be best to consider a floating vanity when making initial remodeling plans. Floating vanities can be a wood plank fitted in a vessel sink.

From modern minimalism to rustic overtones, the options available for floating vanities are inexhaustible. The ultimate result is a contemporary chic ambiance. You don’t need a professional to fit this irresistible addition to your master bathroom.

5. Use Plants

Did you know that indoor plants tend to improve productivity and concentration by 15%? They further boost mood while reducing stress levels. They are perfect for any space in your home, including your bathroom!

Fresh plants will not only change the atmosphere in your bathroom; they will make it appear larger. During those evenings, when you’re under the weather, a shower in a bathroom with house plants will elevate your mood. Seeing the plants bloom has significant impacts on one’s happiness.

Given the variety of plants, you can choose plants and flowers that complement your color theme. Aloe vera, orchids, and Boston ferns can be a great start. While at it, ensure that you don’t overcrowd the bathroom space.

6. Have a Bathroom Art

If you thought pieces of art are only meant for your living room and the study, you’re mistaken. An oversized art piece is a bathroom wall décor option that can transform your space. Besides the aesthetics, a piece of art will give an illusion of a huge bathroom.

Ensure that you anchor your art piece appropriately. You don’t want your piece to get steam and moisture damage. You can place it at the side of the wall away from the bathtub or showerhead.

When choosing the artwork, get a piece that resonates with your bathroom theme. Other than wall hangings, sculpture pieces, and glass plates can be a creative form of art for your bathroom.

7. Add Tile Rugs

A tile rug isn’t an actual rug, although it resembles one. It is often a customized set of tiles installed to fit within your floor. The tile rug is one of the ways to personalize your bathroom floor.

You can create a contemporary or a traditional look with your tile rug. With the variety of options, you’re not limited to the extent of creativity. Installing the tile rug isn’t a complex bathroom remodeling project as you’ll only remove some of the existing tiles to replace them with the tile rugs.

A DIY Bathroom Remodel Is a Cost-Saving Approach to a Bathroom Upgrade

Your bathroom can have a touch of modern luxury without involving a professional. With a DIY bathroom remodel, you’ll have your dream bathroom. You can play around with colors, decor pieces, and an addition of other features.

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