F-150 truck – a smart guide for the buyers who want to purchase a legendary truck

a legendary truck

Let’s start with a piece of colossal news; in 2021, Ford will launch an upgraded version of the F-150 truck, one of the most legendary models the automotive brand ever produced. For the first time in history, the next generation of F-150 will have six powertrains and a plug-in hybrid. The latest model will have some extra features, compared with its oldest counterparts, in the form of three cab configurations and both long and short bed lengths. 

This model is made for those who want to impress the other traffic participants because no experience equals driving a truck that rolls on the streets with a touch of luxury. The market expects ford to list on sale a half-ton pickup with a maximum towing capacity of at least 13,000 pounds. And we should not forget to mention, that the automaker intends to produce an upgraded version of the bad-boy F-150 Raptor sometimes later after they launch the base truck. 

The starting price of the latest F-150 is $30,000, so for someone who doesn’t afford to pay, on a truck, as much as they would spend for a house, it’s best to check the used versions. Excited as we are for the coming of the 2021 F-150, we’ll turn our attention to the details; buyers should verify when buying a used F-150  a legendary truck.

Which model should I buy?

During the 1970s and 1980s, the F-150 truck was famous for its sturdy design, heavy building abilities, and Twin I-Beam. Now, the models from the ’70 and ’80s are collectibles, so if you want to purchase one, expect to break the bank. Some prices may even jump the one for the 2021 model. If you’re going to buy a used F-150 to drive it daily, the older you should get is the one from 1992, but pay attention because it’ll probably come with some issues. The models from 1992-1997 have the traditional boxy shape the model is well-known for. When inspecting them, you’ll notice they mark the beginning of a more carlike interior because the older versions had an interior designed for functionality, not comfort. F-150 stood out on the market thanks to its colorful interiors, upgraded audio systems, driver’s side airbags, and other similar features. If you purchase a model from this span, you’ll also get a V8 engine and six-cylinder. 

Depending on what you need in a truck, you can also get a sculpted FlairSide bed or the high-performance 240-hp SVT Lighting. This generation of trucks has the following cab configurations Regular, SuperCab, and SuperCrew, and its bed lengths varied from 6.75 feet to 8 feet. 

We should mention that if you browse for models from 1992 to 1997, you’ll most likely fail to find one in good condition. 

If you want something unique, the 1997 version is unique, least to say

In 1997 Ford made a bold move and redesigned its legendary truck from the ground up. The result was and still is considered pretty controversial. They used Ford Taurus for inspiration to craft the new F-150, and they rounded all its corners, so little was left from the previous generation of trucks. They jettisoned the front Twin I-beam front suspension for complete independent setup and redesigned it completely. Ford also added a read-hinged curbside door on the SuperCab trim. 

This version of the truck marked many firsts in the history of the model, including the Triton V8 engine and the half-ton pickup CrewCab. All these upgrades transformed the vehicle into a more impressive one, with more performant features, and a better fuel economy. But this generation of Ford trucks also has plenty of bugs, topping with the most unsettling crash test performances ever recorded at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. If you love the 1997 truck’s design, you can find a good one at around $12,000 on the market. 

What issues should you watch for when buying an F-150?

The older models are also the most trouble-prone versions, so if you purchase a vehicle from 1997 to 2003, check it thoroughly. It can experience massive recalls related to engine fires triggered by a defective cruise unit. For these models, people issued a high number of complaints about spark plugs on the 4.6 liter and 5.4-liter V8 engines. Some drivers even stated their cars blew them out of their seats when driving them. However, at check-ups, mechanics couldn’t determine if it was a bad thread on the plug or a defective head to cause the issue. 

Newer models are exquisite, but you should still pay attention to mechanical problems because 2004 to 2008 models can feature spark plugs breaking off and corrosion under the truck and on the hood. Luckily you can quickly notice these issues. For this generation, drivers also recall engine issues and recall to the factory. The 2009 to 2014 trucks are prone to problems with the MyFord Touch system, and rear defrosters on the sliding rear window. Some owners also state their cars have transmission shifting issues and leaking gaskets, but the episodes are isolated so that it may be a stroke of bad luck. 

It’s best to purchase a new or newer vehicle because it has the lowest chances to experience issues. A new f-150 truck performs great at crash tests and includes driver-assistance features, so it helps you anticipate the other road participants’ actions. The latest models have automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, and lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist. 

The F-150 truck is an excellent vehicle with a long record of durability and repeat clients. Once you drive an F-150 truck, you’ll never switch it for anything else. The key to operating a functional and well-performing car is to care for and repair the issues the moment they arise. Like any other car on the market, this truck has some issues, but nothing that affects its ranking. Even if the complaints may sound scary, the actual number of damaged vehicles is quite small; one would say even percentage-wise. 


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