Exploring wall painting ideas!

wall painting

None of us would like to see plain and boring colours on the walls of our room. Don’t worry, in these modern times, Asian Paints Colour experts are there to give you innovative wall painting ideas. Working with a fresh and innovative idea will help you create a better painting effect on your walls. 

It requires a lot of effort and proper planning to get your office or house painted. The major time is consumed in deciding the shades and finalizing mix-match for the various rooms. This is the reason why most of us hire painting professionals so that they help us accomplish this cumbersome task in a streamlined and hassle-free manner. In this blog, we will try to focus on tips to decorate and paint your office. 

Assess the kind of environment you need

The purpose of the room or hall will only decide the kind of shade which will be best suited for it. When it is a matter of office painting, you need to decide whether the room is going to be used for clients or your office staff. If it is meant for clients, then you will need it to be of a professional tone whereas, for staff, the shade should be calming and relaxing one to increase productivity. The colours such as green, white and blue are cool one and fit for your office ambience as it will not distract you and gives you a feeling of large space. If you want to give your office a livelier environment, try using yellows, reds and oranges. 

Understand the psychology behind colours

Each colour is different and has got its own significance and scientific effect on you. For instance, blue is believed to be the colour of productivity and can be good for people dealing in logistics and numbers. Yellow is a stimulating colour and can be used for workers in industries and factories. For a meeting room, you can consider green colour as it reflects a feeling of hope and reassurance.  

Wrap up

In the end, it is quite evident that you should choose the proper colour to stimulate your desired atmosphere and mood. The way you will decorate your office and paint the wall, it will serve the purpose accordingly. Always use multiple colours while painting your office as each colour has its own effect. Remember that colours cannot work in isolation, hence, avoid single colour or solid colour painting in your office.

With Asian Paints Colour experts wall painting ideas, you can recreate the dream wall of yours. All you need to do is proper planning and hiring of a professional painter who understands the language of colours. Keep in mind to get good quality supplies required for painting as compromising on these can do larger damage in the long run. You can visit the Asian Paints outlet to get an expert consultation on how to renovate your office according to your need. Let the colour play flawlessly on your walls with all your painting ideas.


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