The Big City Breakdown: What to Look For in a City Car


Are you on the hunt for a brand new vehicle? What a great time! Collecting the keys to your new car is up there with some of the most satisfying feelings in the world. And nothing beats that new car smell either. Yet, before this exciting final step, you need to do a little research and consider what type of car you should purchase.

If you live in the city, it makes sense that you choose a car that is well-suited to an urban environment, like a small SUV. But city cars are a crowded market, so unless you’re prepared, you’ll likely be left confused and wondering which is the right choice for you. Let’s check out the big city break down and learn what to look for in a city car. 

Handling and Manoeuvrability

If you’re planning to drive in urban spaces like city centres and inner-city suburbs, you definitely want a car that is highly manoeuvrable and that handles well. You’ll benefit from something that can navigate one-way streets and hook turns with ease. Look for compact, smaller SUVs or cars that handle well. You can check this out during the test drive – be sure to take it on some smaller streets with tight corners. Look for a car that is responsive and that handles smoothly. 

Fuel Economy

The right city car should be incredibly fuel-efficient. City driving means lots of stopping and starting, and this is what burns fuel more when compared to driving on a straight, open road. Research the fuel economy of your shortlist and pick something that will be cheap to run in terms of fuel costs. And don’t just rely on the stated fuel consumption of a car on the manufacturer’s website. Read internet forums, social media posts and ask friends and family who own the same make and model. These anecdotal accounts often give a more accurate picture of actual fuel consumption.

Safety First

City cars can be at a higher risk of accidents because they tend to be in more substantial traffic than further out in the country. While you may be a safe driver, you can’t guarantee that everyone else on the road is. So look for an urban vehicle that has a high safety rating. You want to drive knowing that in the unlikely event of a smash, you’ll be safe and protected.

Style and Vibe

Living in the city means that you’re likely image-conscious and have cultivated your brand well. You want to ensure that every aspect of your outward appearance matches this brand, including your car. If you’re a trendsetter, for example, you may want to opt for a model that has sleek lines and style. Match your new city car to your city personality

Extended Warranties

While the majority of modern cars are built to last, you want to choose a make that is willing to back up their goods with an extended warranty period. Look for five or even seven-year warranties. If anything goes wrong in this timeframe, the manufacturer will be able to repair it for you – free of charge.

A City Car Conclusion

First, test out your shortlist for how they handle and maneuver in city streets. Do a few test drives to determine this. Next, consider the fuel efficiency of the car you intend to purchase, as fuel is a significant ongoing cost of vehicle ownership. Don’t neglect to consider the safety rating either. You’ll also want to ensure that a car is going to match your style and personal brand. Finally, pick a make that offers extended warranties. 



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