6 Strategies for Juggling Your Studies/ Assignments with Traveling

Juggling Your Studies

After finishing high school, all you want to do is to enjoy your transition into adulthood and all the freedom that comes with it. So, you enroll in college and can’t wait to start your new life. However, you quickly figure out that classes and assignments take up most of your college life, leaving hardly any time to travel and see new places. 

Is it really possible to travel and manage your studies at the same time? Or will you have to sacrifice one for the other? With a couple of strategies, you can study, keep on top of your assignments, and travel while in college. And here’s how: 

Take Time to Plan 

Perhaps one of the biggest struggles in college is time management. So, before you incorporate travel into your schedule, take enough time to prepare and come up with a viable plan. Consider that your studies come first and try to organize your trips around them. If you need to study during your trip, why not schedule reading sessions in the hours you spend on the air or road? 

Apart from time, also do your research on the destination. If, for instance, you need to access study material, gather information for your assignment, or submit something online, be sure that the place you are traveling too has reliable internet connectivity. Lastly, don’t make impromptu trips. Make your travel plans early and complete as many tasks as you can before your trip. 

Make Deadlines for Your Assignments

If you have more two or more school tasks, there are chances you might forget or mix up their due dates, especially when you have a lot on your mind. Start by:

  • Making a list of all the academic tasks you need to do and the dates that they need to complete;
  • Next, go to your phone calendar and mark these dates clearly;
  • Prioritize your tasks based on the deadline and how much time each needs to be completed;
  • Commit to meeting these dates no matter how exciting your stay at a particular destination is. 

It also helps to start assignments early and avoiding procrastination. That way, when an opportunity to travel somewhere comes up, you are not to bummed with responsibilities to take advantage of it. And when you do travel, you’ll have more free time to enjoy your trip. 

Make a Study Timetable Around Your Activities

Before you make a trip somewhere, you most likely have an itinerary of the activities you are going to do during your tour. With that, you have a pretty good idea of the times you’ll be busy and when you’ll be free. Try to set aside blocks of study sessions in your days. Instead of having several 30 minutes or one-hour sessions, which are hard to keep up with when you’re on tour, make your blocks longer. Studying or working on an assignment for about three hours can free you up for longer so that you can enjoy your trip. 

Practice Good Study Habits During the Week

Weekends can be the perfect time to make short backpacking trips out of your city or town. But unless you stick to a healthy routine during the weekdays, you might find that your weekends are all about studying and completing assignments. Cultivate good habits during the weekdays, like attending all your classes and having blocks of time dedicated to school work each day. When you maximize these five days, you can get away with not doing any academic work on the weekend. 

Carry All the Necessary Tools and Study Materials

 Study Materials

Carry all the tools, writing material, gadgets, etc. that you’ll need for your schoolwork when going on your trips. While you can access most things on the internet today, do make sure you carry your material on a flash drive just in case the internet becomes a problem. Save your work on more than one place for flexibility and, most importantly, carry a notebook for jotting down important points. Also, charge all your devices before heading out so that you can still study even in places where there isn’t a power outlet available. 

Offload Some School Tasks to a Professional Helper 

Even with proper planning, schoolwork can sometimes become overwhelming. Or, you may get an assignment at the last minute and can’t cancel your trip. You can get yourself a custom writing to assist you with some of your homework while you enjoy your travel plans. There are lots of professional assignment doers for every budget range. 


Being a student might be the only time you’ll have to explore exciting and breath-taking destinations around the world. It just takes a bit of creativity and planning, and you can travel without hurting your studies. Use these tips and begin to form new experiences. 


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