How to Turn a House into a Home

House into a Home

Certain people have a knack of making their environment comfortable, no matter whether it is massive or tiny. It can be in a warehouse, a small shed-like building, or an apartment that is large or small; it just shouts out “Welcome.” Typically it’s because that person has invested some of themselves in the area; they made themselves a little vulnerable and shared some of who they are with the space they occupy. Without something personal invested in the space, it is nothing more than a furnished apartment or house.

It is possible to create unique spaces in a variety of ways. Try to make sure that your home has the following items:

Plant(s) – a living breathing contributor to your home environment; pick some you relate to

Mirror(s) – to enhance light and reflection in your home

Candle(s) – signifying illumination and ambience in your home

Throw blanket(s) – suggesting warmth is available should it be needed

Stuffed pillow(s) – to signal “comfort is here;” sit back and relax

A small rug – to create that special place in your home that says “be here”

Wall art – something of your interests, let it be unique; it can be a pine-cone if you are a forester

Pictures of friends and family – reminding you of those you care about

Lamps – for soft centres of light throughout a home when daylight falls

Other Things to Consider

 In addition to the individual items listed above, consider the things below when creating a home environment. Also check out:

Room Dividers

If rooms are spacious and they need to be made a little cosier, consider adding a three-panel room divider. It can be one that has rice paper or fabric in the centre areas of the divider sections, or you can use different old doors and attach them to make a room divider. 

A unique website that has multiple alternatives is Checopie. It has dividers made from wooden slats, string, doors, even a wall partition with wall to wall art. See:

Wall Art Collection 

If you have a collection of items, consider placing them on your walls so you can see them every day. You can put individual collections together, or be eclectic and mix groups on a wall. You can position them in small areas, or you can go from ceiling to floor; it all depends on what look you want to have.

 A Comfortable Seating Area 

Create a comfortable seating area where individuals can see each other without having to twist and turn and where all are in a relatively close but not-to-crowded space. You don’t want them to have to shout at each other, but you don’t want folks on top of one another either.

A Lived-In Kitchen

Be sure you design your kitchen, so it is ergonomically satisfying. You may place glasses close to the sink, plates and bowls close to the dishwasher, and silverware and serving-ware near the stove.

Safe or Special Spaces

With some of the items listed above, you can create safe or select areas such as a reading nook or a play station area, somewhere that you can be yourself by yourself and be comfortable. Perhaps, include the rug, chair, a lamp, some pictures on the wall and a candle with a small table to set your computer on when you are working.


Remember, turning that house into a home involves putting “you” into it. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. If you need to paint, you can mix old colours as long as they are the same kind of paint. The items you are adding to the overall space are ones that you should already have, although you may need to frame a few of them. 

Happy home-making!


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