Best Ways to Design Your Backyard


The backyard is a luxury during the times when living spaces are shrinking and the largest part of the house is the covered area. If you are blessed with a backyard space, design it according to your personal touch. It means, your backyard must compliment your personality and hobbies. It may sound weird but let’s see what it means.  

Your Backyard is Your Place! 

Backyard serves as the living room on sunny days when being outdoors is all fun and games. Spending a lazy afternoon alone, with family or friends requires a pleasant setup and attractive décor. Since it is your private place to be shared with only the closest people, it must reflect your signature style.

Design is important!

Soothing colors along with a comfortable sitting area can help you relax in the best way. You may like to spend a balmy summer evening in the shady, green atmosphere of your backyard enjoying your favorite drink. This is possible only if the backyard is attractive enough to provide you a refreshing break from the busy work routine. 

It is a well-known fact that colors affect our moods and health. So, it is as important to choose a color scheme for your backyard as it is for your drawing room or bedroom.

The following are some important ways you could incorporate while designing your backyard.

Let Your Intellect be on the Loose!

Sit in your backyard and analyze all the possible options you can do with this place. Think about your hobbies to structure your backyard accordingly. You may like to have a brick hearth or oven if you are a food lover for an exclusive barbeque night with your ones. 

Similarly, green grass lined with colorful flowers may be your cup of tea if you love gardening.  You may like to consider what your family wants in their backyard also. Parents with young kids may like to set up a small play area in their backyard.

Moreover, consider the weather effects in your backward for a comfortable set up. In areas with extremely hot sunny days, setting up metal seats without any shade will be a disaster. Similarly, if you have windy weather most of the time, setting up a grill or fireplace will be a flop idea. 

This thinking process will save you from the tension of making sudden amendments later on.

Be Natural

Every area has a specific terrain that you cannot change much so, be natural while designing your backyard. Instead of covering every area up, try enhancing the natural features of the land. You may like to show up some rocky surface while setting up a small fountain and rock arrangement. 

Similarly, if you reside in a sandy area, try shaping up your backyard as a beach instead of covering it up with grass and expensive plants. 

Use Trees as the Center of your Design

Whatever type of soil or terrain you have, trees are always a good idea to add grandeur to your backyard. A tall palm tree in a sandy backyard with a small pool will give you a beach effect. Besides, canopy trees can help you arrange a cozy sitting space under them.

Even a cut-off stem of a tree could get the shape of a fairy garden or a small treehouse. If you are a DIY lover, this will make an interesting project for you.

If you are lucky enough to have an old tree that is big enough to accommodate a treehouse, you have the best backyard setting. This treehouse will be a heaven for your teenagers during the sunny days of summer vacation.

You may hang some birdcage or small planters with the branches of these trees to add extra beauty to your backyard. There is a range of such hangings available in the market or you may create your personalized items using your aesthetic skills.

Aqua ensures peace

Since you are using your backyard as a place to relax, what could be a better option to add a small pool or hot tubs? Plunging in these aquatic bodies is sure to take away all of your worries and fatigues. Hot bathtubs are a treat after a tiresome workday. You may choose from luxurious options like Jacuzzi or a simpler option according to your budget.

Some gravel is necessary

Always plan a pathway through your backyard using concrete, pebbles, or rocks. It will help you have a tension-free stroll through your backyard in the chilly mornings with snowfalls or rainy evenings making your grassy patches all muddy.

Material Matters!

The furniture you choose for the seating area in your backyard is to stay outdoors. So, it has to be different from that you choose for indoor designing of your home. Wood is not a good option for outdoor furniture since it has very low weather resistance. Consider cane or metal chairs and tables. Some people are giving concrete seating options as well which is a fantastic and innovative idea.

Too fancy, silk cushions or velvet throws are not for the backyard designing. Try using some durable fabric with considerable weather resistance. Nylon will be a good option because it is waterproof and durable.

Final Word

Following the latest trends is always a good idea but as far as your backyard décor is concerned, do what is comfortable for you. Have discussions with friends and family for the feasibility of your ideas and consider all the positive and negative aspects. 

Having your design in black in white with you is the best thing because it is a tangible form of your ideas. It will give you a bigger picture of how will your backyard look after you put all your ideas into reality.  

Consider your budget and try DIY for smaller parts of backyard designing like a small fairy garden, a fence, or a fire pit. The golden rule is that never overstuff your place with unnecessary items to make it look cluttered.




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