Great promotional products for hospitality entrepreneurs

hospitality entrepreneur

As an Young Entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, you need a lot of promotional products for your event or restaurant. How handy would it be if you could print most of these promotional tools with your logo? We have listed a number of handy hotel and catering print products for you.


Of course, it all starts with the look and feel of your event or hospitality business. After all, the first thing people see is the outside and with that you want to make a good first impression. For example, you can choose drop flags, banner flags or just a simple flag line for your event. This way you will definitely stand out!

Menu cards

If you have your own restaurant or lunchroom, it is of course important to have a good, professional-looking menu. You can have this menu printed with your own logo or brand name. You can choose between different versions, plasticized and folded or unfolded variants. In addition to printing menus, you can also have drinks menus, hotel menus, dessert menus and lunch menus printed.

Napkins with logo

As a finishing touch, have napkins printed (translation: servetten bedrukken) with your logo or in style of your corporate identity. Napkins are essential in the hospitality industry or at events. When you have them printed with your logo, not only does it look professional, but you also advertise at the same time. You can also choose cutlery bags including a napkin.


If you have your own event like entrepreneur, wristbands are a very handy tool to provide people with an entrance ticket. Wristbands are also used to check visitors on age. You can print wristbands (translation: polsbandjes bedrukken) with different materials. For example textile, silicone, fabrics, tyvek and vinyl wristbands. For every kind of event there is something to think of.

Do you have an event that lasts longer than a few days or a week? Then choose a textile or fabric wristband. These wristbands last much longer and have no sharp edges that can irritate.

If you have a shorter event, it’s better to choose tyvek or vinyl wristbands. These wristbands are attached with an adhesive strip or snap closure and will not last longer than 1 day.

For sponsorship events entrepreneur it is best to choose the silicone wristbands. These straps have a long lifespan and are perfect for printing your brand name or slogan. This way you really give your customers or visitors something they can use for a longer period of time.


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