How to replace battery for the right battery backup sump pumps ?

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Regardless of how many sump pumps models you have explored, it would also be wise to check tips on battery backup and replacement for your existing sump pump. During periods of power outage, these battery backups are life saviors and help the sump pump to run efficiently if fully charged. Considering the market with oodles of variety it is sometimes confusing to confirm which is good. Perhaps, these tips and guidelines on replacing the right battery backup will help you.

In this article, we shall take you through the quick guide on how to replace a battery for your sump pump backup battery. The replacement and installation are easy and even a layman can perform it with little guidance.

How to replace battery for the right battery backup sump pumps?

  1. Before you begin the replacement process, check few factors such as the size, terminal type, shape, and location where you want to fix it. Ensure that the location is convenient to fix it so that you can skip from the cables to get entangled.
  2. The voltage of the selected battery replacement must be identical to the previous best battery backup sump pump for home.
  3. Do some homework on the chemistry part. In short, your existing battery charger consists of lead acid batteries. Check the replacement is also capable to link to the same.
  4. Check the capacity of the replaced battery. The capacity is usually measured in AMP Hours (Ah). It is the actually capacity of a battery; your replacement should have the similar capacity. If the capacity is too low or too high, it will pose its own issues. Too low may hamper it from running smoothly and too high will overheat the battery.
  5. One of the most essential things to look at while buying a replacement for your existing battery backup for your sump pump is to check the Amps. Not all battery backups will reveal or list this. Always remember, you must not buy a replacement that has low voltage else the pump won’t run efficiently.

All the above specifications are important if you are in the process of a battery replacement for your backup battery of sump pump.

Here are few quick tips to add a battery backup or replacement of existing battery for your sump pump:

  1. Mount the battery to the wall. This will need no room and will be convenient stuck to the wall unit.
  2. Make connections with the cable properly. Keep the sump pump unit switched off and unwired until you finish installing the battery properly.
  3. Test the replaced battery before you start using the sump pump. Begin with cycling of the pump to make sure that the battery will work in normal and abnormal conditions both. Read the manual well that you must have received with the replaced battery.

Contact your nearest vendor to check the available battery units and choose the one that fits the above requirement as well as the one that fits in your budget.


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