8 Original Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

how to celebrate father's day

Father’s Day is right around the corner!

Even though there may be limitations on what you can do with your dad this year, there are still plenty of options he can enjoy.

If you want to make this year stand out but aren’t sure where to start, then we’ve got some awesome ways to show how much you appreciate your dad.

Read on to discover how to celebrate Father’s Day to make it extra special.

1. Quickest Way to Your Dad’s Heart

What do you give a dad who has everything? We all know the quickest way to your dad’s heart is food. So why not cook his favorite meal on this special day?

When your dad wakes up in the morning on Father’s Day, surprise him with something to whet his appetite! You can make your father a freshly prepared breakfast or brunch.

Keep it simple with an omelet and toast, or pancakes! Not only will he be in awe over your amazing cooking skills, but it will also show him how much time you put into preparing his one-of-kind gift.

Plus, a comforting meal will give him time to simply relax, read the paper, or soak up the morning fresh air.

Don’t forget all of the options for grilling! One of the best parts of summer is being able to grill up some delicious grub. Your dad will appreciate being able to sit this one out and still enjoy the results.

2. How to Celebrate Father’s Day During Social Distancing

You can still have a fun time with your dad while maintaining social distancing. Backyard games are a great way to spend quality time safely. You can play games like cornhole, kan jam, crochet, or other lawn games.

Get some exercise, fresh air, and fun while spending time with your dad. This is also great for little kids to take part in. End the night with an outdoor movie! All you need is a projector and a white sheet.

You can even roast some s’mores over a fire while you serve popcorn, candy, and special drinks. You don’t have to go farther than your backyard for some Father’s Day fun!

3. Stuck Inside?

The fun times don’t have to stop indoors. Let dad choose a movie (or several), and have a movie marathon. Make popcorn, get snacks, cookies, and candy. You can choose throwback movies to the year dad was born or came out during his childhood.

You can also sit down for a family game night. Or sit down together to do a puzzle. The simplest activities can lead to the best quality time to catch up with your dad.

Don’t forget to shop for Father’s Day and find him the perfect gift!

4. Take Dad on an Adventure

If your dad needs a break from being home, then he might enjoy taking a small adventure. First, be sure check the weather forecast and have alternatives if the weather misbehaves.

You can take your dad on a fishing or boating excursion. Go for a drive and check out a nearby lake or town you’ve always wanted to visit. Pack a lunch and find an outdoor park to picnic at with family.

Golfing is another great option. Why not take him to a new course? Make it an overnight adventure and take your dad on a camping trip. You can go hiking and explore trails while stargazing at night!

5. Take Out, Eat-In

With so many restaurants closed due to social distancing, take a break from cooking to get your dad some of his favorite meals at home. You can order out from a variety of take-out restaurants. Support some of your local restaurants that could use the business.

If your dad is all about food, then this is a fun way to get a sampling of different cuisines. He’ll be dipping into leftovers for days!

6. Create a Must-Watch List

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to watch TV and not knowing what to choose! If your dad isn’t tech-savvy, he may be having an extra hard time finding something good to watch.

Create a list of shows and movies you know your dad would love. You can even purchase a streaming service for him to make things extra easy.

Your dad will never have to search aimlessly for the next show to watch again! Plus, you’ll be able to check in on what he’s watching and how he likes it each time you catch up.

7. Beer Tasting

Gather together your dad’s favorite craft beers and some new ones too! You can purchase a beer tasting flight ahead of time. Find lagers, ales, and IPAS from your local breweries.

You can spend time together trying out the different beers and find out what you like best. You’ll also be supporting local businesses while having fun.

8. Sports

If your dad is crazy about sports, then he will probably miss watching the game on Father’s Day. You can still have fun watching sports with your dad. Surprise your dad by finding the best games in history for your dad’s favorite teams.

You can decorate in his team’s colors and dress up to support them. Add snacks and food to the mix, and your dad will have a blast watching an all-day marathon of the best sports moments.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day Right!

However you decide to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad, he’s going to appreciate the time and effort you put into making it special. We hope these tips will help you find the right choice for your dad.

Now that you know how to celebrate Father’s Day in an original way, check out some of our other articles for more great ideas!


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