Hillis Brothers: Best Paint Colors For Selling A House

paint colors

When it comes to picking the best color for your home, it can be difficult. Especially when it comes to selling.

What if I like it but they don’t?

This is why we often get asked, “How do you choose exterior paint colors?”

How can I get the perfect mix to appeal to every potential buyer?

If these thoughts came across your mind while trying to sell your home. Then we have some good news. The following 5 colors not only increase your curb appeal but that $500 paint job might just earn you an additional 2% on the purchase price.

So, what are the best paint colors for selling a home? Let’s dive right into it!

Light Gray 

Possibly the hottest color at the moment would be gray. Typically when people think of neutral colors the first colors that come to mind are white, beige, etc. But commonly, a light gray will be forgotten about. 

Gray is a wonderful color that has a cooler undertone, this creates a soothing and calming atmosphere. 

This is great to keep potential buyers calm and in love with your home.

A light gray paint job will highlight a room, making it look more open. Buyers will love this as the more space the better. And unfortunately, we can’t just extend the walls to give them the space they want.


Taupe is a perfect color, it keeps the neutral environment that buyers love as well as adding a hint of color. 

This color comes in a variety of different shades and undertones. So if you’re looking to get a more gray, brown, or lavender you’ll be able to adjust that beforehand. 

With a more classic color, any buyer will immediately fall in love with this shade. The best part is that it appeals to a wide variety of people which sets you up perfectly to get the highest offer.


Going with white is one of the first options for almost anyone. This can go good or bad depending on which undertones you go with. 

Typically when choosing white as your main color you’ll need to play the cards right. 

First of all, you’ll want to choose a cooler undertone and avoid bright whites if possible. Bright white can make the entire home feel clinical and sterile.

Also, keep in mind the lighting in the room, this can affect the final product.

When choosing white, it’s important that you get the perfect undertone. Without that undertone, it could look a little off and take “the vision” away from the buyer.


Blue can fit win with both interior and exterior. 

For starters, adding some color to your exterior involves a bit more risk, but it can pay off in a huge way with the right color. 

For the most part, you’ll want to go with a navy blue. This can look spectacular, especially if its a beach house.

For the interior, be sure to test different shades. In general, a light blue in the bathroom and navy blue in the kitchen will look phenomenal and definitely impress some buyers.


This color is actually a mix of gray and beige. It’s a very neutral color and is commonly on the exterior of the home, but could also be used inside.

Mixing these two colors to create one paint spices it up.

For the exterior, this color will look spectacular with just about any home. This is great news for anyone that’s looking for a  more neutral color.

For the interior, this color would be great in just about any room but fits best in the living/dining room. 

Final Thoughts

Truth is, as much as we can see the vision, the buyers won’t see it unless the color is in their favor.

This can make it difficult to please a variety of different buyers.

The best option is to go with more neutral colors and keep cooler undertones. These colors will keep the buyer’s calmer and fall in love with your home.

Believe it or not, adding a fresh paint job will not only increase your curb appeal, but also increase how much you sell the home for.



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