5 tips to know casino bonus are fair


With so many casinos available online, it’s a real challenge to choose one, where you can play for longer. In order to attract new players, they all offer special promotions, also known as a bonus. These bonuses are often very tempting, but think about it for a minute – they look too good to be real. And yes, it’s exactly this way. Among many legit casino bonuses, you’ll find, nine times more shady and suspicious ones. So, the next time, before you decide to opt-in for a special promotion, use these five tips to determine if the gift is fair. Make sure that you consider the things that are covered below.

Check if the casino is legit

The very first thing that you always have to do. Online Cricket Betting ID reliability and safety is the most critical thing. You don’t want to deposit money in shady casinos, because it’s just not worth the risk. Always play at trusted and already proven platforms. When a casino is reliable, the chance that the bonus is not fair is significantly reduced.

Legal issues

Double-check if a bonus is available for people from your country. Some casinos don’t allow people from specific states, and then you won’t be able to collect your winnings.

If it’s possible, opt-in for a bonus that allows you to play every game available on the platform, you’ll enjoy it much more. Some bonuses are available for one game or limited amount of games only. And we all know that it’s ideal when you can test out as many games as possible before you decide to deposit your own money. Generally, make reading terms and conditions a habit, because it’ll make the bonus rules crystal clear, and you’ll avoid many annoying surprises.

Bonus wagering

The wagering requirement is the amount of money that you have to bet in order to be able to collect your bonus and release the winnings to your main balance. In most cases, you will have to keep playing and betting until you meet bonus requirements. If you want to find the best casino bonus, always look for one with a low wagering amount.

The most attractive wagering bonuses shouldn’t be hard to fulfil. If you’re lucky enough to find an easy one, make sure to use it. The larger wagering amount is, the less chance you have to benefit from the bonus. Sometimes the wagering goes up to 50x the bonus, and it’s a clear indicator, that there’s no point of using this promotion because you’re very likely to lose most of it during the meeting requirement process. There are a lot of websites which compare and recommend bonuses that are worth using. If you’re from Canada, you can simply check out Bonus Finder Canada which will automatically find the best bonuses available for you right now.

Maximum payout availability

You want to try your luck, and even though maths is against you, there always is a chance to hit the jackpot. But, what if your bonus limits you to the maximum payout amount? Some casinos want to reduce the risk of bigger losses, and therefore, they add maximum payout to bonus terms and conditions. So, even if you win, let’s say $10.000, you will be able to withdraw only $100. It’s usually the case with no deposit bonuses, so if you’re able to use it, make sure to read its terms and conditions

Bonus type

The big amount of casinos to choose is not the only headache that you’ll have. The variety of special promotion types is so wide that it can be hard to decide which ones you should go for. Free spins on sign up, first deposit bonus, extra money on registration, free money on the first deposit – these are just a few examples of offers that you may have. But how to tell which bonus you should use?

Generally, if you have an option to play without depositing your own funds, you should go for it. No more than 10% of online casinos offer you deals like that. When there is no need to deposit your own money, there is also no risk of losing it. So, it’s an excellent opportunity to test available games and earn a little during the process. Their disadvantage, on the other hand, is bonus wagering, and the possibility to suck you in gambling when you’re not ready. If you’re in a bad financial condition, it’s not recommended to use them at all. Please, always gamble responsibly!

Majority of people are not aware of casino tricks when it comes to bonus offers. If you’re aware of the things that are covered above, you’ll easily be able to tell if the bonus that casino offers is fair or not.


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