Top 5 Things Brands Do Differently on Instagram


Ever wondered how do these brands are always trending on Instagram? Getting proper visibility on such a platform is quite a challenging task. So, what kind of strategies do these leading brands utilise to increase their followers and likes on Instagram? Here are some of the exciting things that these brands tend to do a little differently than conventional methods. 

  1. Videos with Perfect Timing

Many leading corporate brands tend to maintain different accounts on Instagram. But the official account seems to have some different plan altogether. Not only they tend to motivate users with attractive content, but they check their time as well. They make sure to release glimpses of their upcoming videos to attract the traffic towards the profile. 

Along with that, these brands tend to change their digital marketing strategies immediately as soon as they hit the charts. So, with every other alternate day, these companies come up with innovative, perfectly-timed videos for its audience. 

2. Personify the Product

As intriguing it may sound, many companies offer such customisation through their Instagram profiles. Let us take the example of a car company. It not only uploads different pictures and videos but also allow the users to customise the parts. 

It helps the company to understand the requirements of the clients without any hassles. Also, it helps the customers to connect directly to the company and get the best services. So, in turn, the company motivates the users to explore the options available on their profile.

3. Building “Cool” Images

Let’s accept how some influencers and brands are pros at creating some of the best images that we have ever seen. They are expert in capturing some of the best images of their services or products to showcase their talent. Images are crucial for reaching out to the audience through Instagram.  These incredibly-edited pictures attract the attention of the users, thereby channelling the traffic towards the brand’s website. 

4. Building Up the Suspense

The leading brands tend to create intense suspense about the upcoming products on their social networking profiles. We all love to anticipate what would come up next, and that’s what these brands focus on, as their marketing strategy. They love to build up the confusion before they come up with their products in the market. Such approaches tend to keep the customers glued to the profiles for the upcoming launches. 

5. Emphasis on Products

The last tricky strategy that all these brands tend to follow is focusing more on products instead of models. In case one is selling apparel or jewellery, it is essential to showcase the designs more than the models. Although viewing the clothes on the models can be quite intimidating, but sometimes, it might work otherwise as well. Hence, one needs to be open to both the ideas to reach out to the maximum audience through Instagram.

In many cases, these brands might also prefer to buy Instagram likes for expanding their visibility on such a platform. The entire platform of Instagram runs on a specific algorithm, and hence visibility plays an essential role. But remember, increasing the likes or number of followers takes a little time along with hard work and determination. So, make your plan today and be ready to conquer the digital world with these fantastic marketing tips.


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