Five tips for visiting Rome in Italy

Rome in Italy

Rome is known for its rich history and iconic artworks by great artists. It is also known for stunning architecture, and you will also find the smallest country in Rome. Hence let’s get started with the tips to visit Rome.

  • Tips on Visits:
  1. Take the bus: The best way to reach Rome from the airport is by taking a bus. It is ridiculously cheap compared to the other alternatives. Additionally, you get to experience more people and beautiful sceneries. You can also use the ticket for the bus at certain places for your beach visits. The bus stops are often located near beaches, and you can just stumble upon one without any pre-bookings or long waiting lines.  
  2. Avoid Mondays: Since the museums and other tourist spots are open on Sundays; hence, they are kept close on Mondays. Therefore Mondays can be considered the day for resting. If you are travelling long to Rome, then you can book the tickets so that you arrive in Sunday nights or Monday mornings so that you have time to organize yourself and rest for a day so that you are fresh to start exploring this beautiful city. Additionally, you can use this day to explore the food s in Rome. Due to its rich heritage, it has some of the most brilliant cuisines around the world for you to explore and experience. 
  3. Meal timings: Where you thrive from, you may have early dinners at 7 pm or 8 pm. But, people in Rome prefer late-night dinners, and hence most of the food restaurants do not even open before 8 pm. Hence you have plenty of time to explore before your dinner. The normal time for dinner starts from 9, while you can also find restaurants opening at 8:30 too. The best timing is that you do not need to hurry up since most of the restaurants are even open after 10 pm, and hence you can be a night owl.
  4. Book Online: The brilliant heritage and artworks come with long queues in booking as a bonus. And hence, if you do not want to experience the ticking of the clock from the booking line, you should prefer online bookings, since they cut short the precious time you use in the booking office to get the tickets. Additionally, do not forget to print your tickets otherwise you will have to stand in the line along with paying double the price or leaving the trip for that day, both of which does not sound such a brilliant idea. 
  • Tips on safety and Adjusting your budgets
  1. Safety: Rome is quite a safe city, to be honest. But a tourist spot is incomplete without pickpockets and mischievous elements. Hence, you need to be extra careful of excellent tricksters and stealth masters. It is a good idea to carry your bags in front of you and store your wallets in the inside pockets of the jackets. You should also try to carry small bags because, in many places, large bags are not allowed and may prohibit your entry or make you leave it in some storage facility. 
  2. Tipping: As a common custom for the people in our country, we tend to leave tips for the service. But in Rome, the tips are also contained in the bill, and there is no need for extra charges. But you can always leave a tip for the service if you liked it. The common amount for a tip is generally about 5 % to 10 % of the total order, but you can always exceed if you really want to.
  3. Carry cash: Ode to the long-dated use of the classic currencies; it would be awesome if you can carry cash with you because card payments are not available everywhere and you may get stuck or cease from experiencing something great just because you lack cash. You should also carry small denominations to get items from the local small shopkeepers. Additional tip: Try to wish every shopkeeper you meet as it is an important custom amongst the people of Rome, and it displays your gratitude towards their valuable service. 
  • Tips on dressing 
  1. Dress code: Dress code is something you need to really take care in Rome since it is a city full of churches. In the churches, weird and short dresses are not allowed, and you may be restricted from entering and exploring the beauty of the churches just because of your dress. You need to get an address with more than knee length and with covered shoulders for women. Sleeveless and skirts are not allowed too. In case you are too hot, get a cardigan so that you can remove it after the church visits. Also, take care of your clothes such that they are not too hot if you are visiting in the summers because it can get really hot and make you sweat like a river. Take light-coloured and light-weighted clothes to be comfortable around the clock. 
  • Travelling tips
    1. Shoes: Traversing along the great historical Via del Corso is an awesome experience if done with comfortable shoes. The roads are Rome tough built but can be a little bouncy and hard because of the placed rocks. You do not definitely want to walk these streets in high heels because they might get stuck in it. Get comfortable walking shoes so that you can wear them for long times and do not experience fatigue. Also, take care they are breathable shoes if you visit in summers because it can get really hot in the sun there. 
    2. Free museums: Romans are very generous because they host free visits to famous places and museums for free on Sundays. You can definitely enjoy these visits unless you hate crowds because they are full of them during this time. But the special exhibits are still paid, and you need to invest in their tickets to get a decent view. 
  • The Vatican: The Vatican is the smallest independent state in the world, enclosed mostly in Vatican walls, inside are the Vatican palace and gardens, St. Peter’s basilica ad St. Peters square. If you want to visit the Vatican museum, you need to get Vatican museum tickets. The easiest way to get this ticket without any hustle is to get it in the museum, but it is always wiser to get these Vatican museum tickets early. Even if it is easy, you need to wait in long queues to get the Vatican museum tickets. Hence, it is wise to get it online. You can book the tickets for analyzing the number of people and fix a suitable date. The online ticket for the Vatican museum tickets may be a bit expensive, but they are worth it since they spare you from the long queues.


  1. Locations: Due to the great historical significance of Rome, it is full of brilliant architectures and art throughout the city. Some of the iconic places to visit are The Seven Hills, The Palatine, Piazza di Spagna etc. But when we talk about Rome who can forget the participant of the seven wonders of the world, the colosseum of Rome or the Arch of Constantine.  The pantheon is another beautiful place you can visit; it is also the best-preserved monument of Roman antiquity. Then comes the Roman forum, situated in the middle of the city you will be impressed by the standing and fallen columns along with its triumphal arches. Some of the other places to visit are the Trevi Fountain, San Giovanni in Laterano, Centro Storico & the Spanish steps. The interiors of the Santa Maria Maggiore are also appreciable and worth visiting. You will also like the fountains of Piazza Navona and the Palantine hills located 50 meters above the Tiber river. 
  • Tips on food and cuisines
  1. Free Water: Rome is full of beautiful sculptures of fountains, but what is more beautiful about these is the fact that apart from these fountains you get actual fountains all along with the city. The water from these fountains is drinkable. Hence you don’t need to invest a cent on drinking water in Rome. Just get a bottle to fill and get the water right from these fountains. 
  2. House Wine: Drinking in Rome is a good idea, whether it is water or wine.  You can get excellent wines no doubt, but Rome is known for its iconic house wines which are ridiculously cheap compared to the other wines. These house wines come in red and white variants. The taste of these wines is brilliant, and they serve the purpose right. Moreover, you get these in litre quantities which will be quite decent for anyone to enjoy.  What you want more?? Get hold of good house wine and chill the beautiful sceneries of Rome.  

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head on a trip to Rome to create some memories to remember for a lifetime. 


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