The Best 9 Relaxing Activities to Try at Home


When you are stuck at home with little to do you may become bored very quickly. Well never fear because I have the best 8 relaxing activities you can try with little cost or effort in your own home.

  1. Read a Book

Reading is the number one thing to do if you want to relax yourself. Any book about any genre or topic will do. Nor does the length matter either. All you need is a book and a nice quiet area to read in. That’s it. So grab yourself a book and find a nice comfy chair to sit on and prepare to be relaxed.

2. Play Some Online Games

Who said relaxing did not mean fun? Online games are a great way to relax yourself when at home. Games I would recommend are online chess, online Bingo and even minesweeper. All these games are fun and will take your mind away from the world around you.

Also almost all of these games are free or require a minute financial commitment to play- most Bingo sites like Trusted Bingo have wagers as small as one penny. Check online games out and have a bit of fun, you will not regret it.

3. Write a Story

Writing, much like reading, is another relaxing pastime. It requires no experience and the only equipment you need is a pen and paper. Your story can be about anything you can think of. It can be any length at all and you can dedicate any length of time towards completing it- you could write it full time for a number of days or spread the writing over a few weeks. But the most important thing is that you relax and find the wonders of writing.

4. Practise Yoga

Yoga is a brilliant form of exercise that only requires you. Yoga is essentially stretching and can be done anywhere where you have enough space for you. You can find free Yoga instruction courses online and they can be accessed at any time.

Perform yoga for strength, mobility, and an increase in overall happiness. Yoga stands you in good stead for becoming a fitter, happier, and more relaxed you.

5. Listen to Some Music

The science is very clear on music and its relaxing qualities. It does not matter what type of music you are listening to just as long as you like it. Just find your headphones or your radio and find somewhere quiet to listen. From there, just plug yourself in and enjoy the music. It is as simple as that.

Listen to Some Music

6. Start Meditating

Much like Yoga, meditation helps you in a number of different ways. Firstly, it calms your thoughts and helps you to relax. Secondly it helps with sleep and can help with all kinds of sleep issues. Also, your mental health will improve dramatically once you start meditation.

And again, with many items on this list, meditation is entirely free and will require no financial input from you at all. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when taking up meditation, so try it today.

7.  Learn an Instrument

They are hundreds of instruments out there that be can be acquired by a quick online order- so why not learn one and acquire a new skill. Your new instrument could be anything from the piano to the trumpet to the accordion. Just find whatever instrument you like and are interested by and start learning. You can find lessons online for free- on YouTube for example. And in no time at all you will learn yourself a brand new song to impress your friends.

8. Practise some Painting

Much like writing, painting is another one of those creative activities that relax your mind and body. And much like writing you do not have any prior knowledge or skill, you just need to have a go. The equipment you need is simple- just some paint, a paint brush, some paper and something to paint. You can paint still life, nature or even yourself.

9. Make Some Soup

The final one on this list is to make some soup. Soup is easy because you can make it out almost anything you have in your fridge- it could be vegetable, or a meat soup. Also it takes very little prep as it only requires loosely chopping vegetables and adding stock. You can find some lovely recipes online and at the end of it you will have a lovely bowl of steaming soup.

If you tried any of these and enjoyed them then please let me know I would love to hear from you. Otherwise, try some other articles on my website you will definitely enjoy them.


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