How To Help Your Body Keep You Healthy

    keep your body healthy

    The world is quickly waking up to the benefits of monitoring personal health and wellness. Personal health has become more focused and individualized due to self-help guidance and the mass influx of personal trainers on social media. A regulated diet and consistent exercise can restore energy, sharpen attention, and provide many physical benefits as well.

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    The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults engage in about two and a half hours to five hours of moderate aerobic exercise on a weekly basis. Taking a walk two or three times a week is enough to fulfill that requirement. Small bursts of activity on a day to day basis also helps keep the body moving and healthy. The other side of exercise is strength training. Strength training is necessary to maintain muscle health. As with aerobic exercise, a little goes a long way. Each muscle group should be exercised on separate days so as to give the muscles time to rest. When exercising a particular muscle group stay within twelve to fifteen repetitions, or enough repetitions to tire the muscles. Overdoing any exercise can also have negative effects on health. In addition, it is not good to spend large amounts of time sitting still. When forced to sit still for long periods of time, standing up and stretching at intervals can help loosen tightened muscles and give both the body and the brain a quick break.


    Through the years, it has been discovered that gaining weight is often due to a large intake of sugar as well as fat. Maintaining a balanced diet of natural and healthy foods can lower the risk of many diseases such as cancer and a number of cardiovascular issues. The general consensus is that people should eat about two thousand calories a day. However, this number can be adjusted based on personal factors. It is well known that fruits and vegetables provide a balanced level of positive nutrients for the body. While fruit is often high in sugar, it is a natural sugar that makes it far healthier than added sugar. There are also low-sugar fruits which include some varieties of berries and also watermelon. While consuming various vegetables is good, dark leafy greens often hold the highest level of nutrients. The body also needs proteins which are often found in meat or bean products. Plant-based milks are a good alternative for cow’s milk because they provide many of the same nutrients without being high in fat. They are also good alternatives for those who are lactose intolerant.


    Testing related to vitamins and supplements began in the early 1900s. In more recent years, research has focused on discovering the existence and uses of supplements. This research has shown improvements in brain and heart health, as well as other internal and external health benefits. There are even certain specialized supplements that are found to help lessen anxiety and increase focus. There are naturally occurring compounds that have been found in plants; these are known as flavonoids. These compounds have been found to strengthen the immune system and provide positive antioxidant effects. In addition, pure cocoa contains a sub-group of flavonoids known as flavanols. Cocoa flavanols boost the health of the circulatory system, allowing nutrients and oxygen an easier path throughout the entire body. A healthier blood flow positively affects blood pressure levels, brain performance, and even other things such as skin and metabolic health.

    The human body is complex and amazing. Your body works hard to take care of you and there are many ways you can help it out. These few small additions can increase energy, attention, and overall enjoyment of life.


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