Ways to Earn and Have Fun Being a Travel Blogger

Being a Travel Blogger

Many travel bloggers became quite famous a decade ago. People say that it seems quite a fun-filled experience in the beginning and they started to take it on a serious note. Hence, they tend to make it their source of income and make quite a fortune per year. 

There is no problem if you consider blogging as a hobby. But if you are having an email inbox that is flooding with emails, this means that your hobby of travel blogging is becoming your business or a full-time job. Before proceeding, I must tell you that becoming a travel blogger is not a joke. Let’s get you acquainted with different things that you need to know when becoming a travel blogger: 

Anybody in the world can become a blogger and start a blog. A travel blogger is an individual who makes a good part of their income from traveling and does that in a very professional way. I started with my career as a travel blogger by traveling across America.

Building an Audience Is Important

It is a universal fact that first, you try to get users or readers/audience to your blog and then you make money. The audience loves to read useful and meaningful content. 

You Need To Create Some Useful Content

Remember the time when we used to write diaries and travelogues for our family and friends? That was something very easy because no matter how good or bad, nobody cared. For travel blogging, you don’t know who your reader is. He or she is a total stranger. People read your travel blog and need something to get them out of their chairs and start visualizing your experience. You can add stuff like budget travel tips, recommended cuisine, details on places where you can stay and other related information. It is a good idea if you add photographs, videos, funny boomerangs, and more related stuff. 

Do Some Interesting Stuff

Anything that grabs a user’s attention sells. This is something basic to understand. You can tell about a certain interesting full moon party that you experienced or a certain traditional sport that you played and got injured. Also, you can post about learning a new dish to cook somewhere in Japan or in another Asian country. Such activities are superb to add to your blog. Hence, you will definitely get likes, some good comments, shares, and likes on social media and your blog. You can take inspiration from different documentaries that are aired on Nat Geo or the Discovery Channel. If you are a Spectrum cable TV user, make sure you ask their customer services representative if these channels are part of their Spectrum Select package

Create a Deep Impact on Social Media

Staying active on social media platforms is one of the most important things to do. This will help you earn using your blogging skills. This might take a lot of time and you might not feel comfortable being on social media. So here is a tip for you. You should stay active in an efficient way on social media and don’t waste hours on social media making posts. For this, make sure that you start off with posting stuff once in the morning and schedule your posts for the rest of the day. Also, conduct a weekly check or a check every 2 months using an efficient analytics tool.

Get Some Press Releases or Press Features 

Becoming your own PR agent is a good idea to market yourself and spread the word among the general audience. To do this, it is a good idea to use media outlets that can make some major impact. Your media outlets have a major impact than other travel bloggers and travel blogs who claim to have a large audience. You can pitch in your story to these media outlets and get yourself featured.

It is a good approach to add one more thing to your practices when getting a travel blog for yourself. This is following the masters of the trade. I would recommend that you look at the following list of travel bloggers. I would recommend a few names for you including Legal Nomads who is a food travel blogger, Adventurous Kate who is a famous female travel blogger, Nomadic Matt who is a Budget Traveler and is an amazing blogger for people looking forward to travel on a budget and many others. You can learn how these guys have utilized their blogs in a very effective way.

Signing Off

Being a successful travel blogger is something that requires a lot of effort. If you think that it is something like a long vacation that you can go on and brag about, think again. The above-mentioned practices are very useful to add more to your travel blogging activities. Also, this will help you earn a living or turning your travel blogging passion into a profitable business and earn a living. You can also use these techniques to turn your passion into a money minting profession. 


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