Realistic Dog and Animal Dildos for The Best Masturbation Experience

Animal Dildos

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, along came dildos shaped as huge animal genitalia. For centuries, humankind have been trying to push the envelope when it comes to sexual pleasure and fantasies. Creating an array of different fun and adventurous sex toys to play with have become the sex industry’s guilty pleasure. 

For those who have furry fetishes, these animal-realistic dildos really hit the spot. If you’re in to fantasy dildos then there are loads of creature-like options for you to choose from. Even if you aren’t really in to it, the dildo itself creates a mind-blowing sensation worth a try. 


There are hundreds of realistic animal and dog dildos out there to choose from. You can find fun and realistic options from sites like to cure your curiosity. 

Surely, there are a few options that are more popular than others. Here is our list of favorites: 

Knotted Dog

To quench your animal-fetish craving, you can opt for realistic dog dildos. When you browse through online shops, you’ll find anatomically correct replications of penises from all kinds of breeds. For added pleasure, you should consider getting a dildo that has large bulbus glands attached to the shaft. 

This isn’t testicles, but rather a knot at the end of a dog-type creature’s penis. It fills up with warm blood when inserted into a female hound and swells up when fully engorged. This knot works as a kind of plug or tie that ensures the penis doesn’t get pushed out of the vagina during intercourse. 

Another added bonus of realistic dog dildos is that they have a pointed tip. This creates a sensational and interesting feeling during playtime. 

These toys vary in size from small 5 inches to bigger 9 inches. 


Horses are extremely emotional creatures and if you’ve ever ridden one, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like a connection with a pet horse. There is one main body part of theirs that is quite intriguing. A male horse’s penis is extremely large and for an amateur sex toy enthusiast, the hugeness of the dildo can be daunting. Stallion-sized toys should be used with caution and aren’t typically recommended for beginners. Reaching a length of 15-inches, only those daring enough will give it a try. 

It’s difficult to submerge these giants, but many who use it have reported that the reward is well worth it. When you want to start with a smaller penis size from the equine family, then you can consider a pony, donkey, or mule equivalent. 


For the more adventurous player, the kangaroo dildo is a fun addition to your collection. If you haven’t seen a kangaroo penis before, you’re in for a surprise. The tip of the penis is sleek and pointy, bending at the tip. This creates a fun sensation within the vagina’s passage. 

Depending on the manufacturer the shaft of the pointy penis will have loads of different textures and lines to create a great sexual experience. Typically made with medium firmness materials. 


Dolphins have really interestingly shaped penises which can provide an exhilarating masturbation experience. With its pointy tip and elaborate veins and ridges this is a sex toy worth trying out. 

Reviewers have rated dolphin-shaped dildos mostly 5 stars. Since it also features a knot for added pleasure. 


Another beast of a sex toy is an elephant dildo. These can be either shaped like the animal’s huge penis or long trunk. The ridges and curves on the elephant’s trunk create a pleasurable masturbation experience for ladies and men. 

The opening at the tip of the trunk aims to be extremely realistic, some even sporting two cute nostrils – a headache to clean, but worth the ecstasy. Whether you want to use this dildo alone or with a loved one is completely up to you. 

Click here for more tips on cleaning your sex toys. 


Ranging between 6-8.5 inches, the fox sex toy is a smooth choice. It has become quite popular amongst women because of its appealing girth. Typically designed in a fiery orange or red with a pleasure knot at the bottom of the shaft. Resembling fox fur, the knot at the bottom will be followed by textural hairs for a more realistic experience. 

Even though this kind of toy isn’t as widely available as canine or horse toys, it is perfect for a man or woman who doesn’t like huge toys. 


For those who want to live in a fantasy world, sex toy developers have created a series of monster and alien-styled penis toys. Whether you’re into minotaurs, unicorns, gremlins, beasts, aliens, demons, or monsters, there is one for every taste. 

Some even come with a manual cumming feature, which allows the penis to gush out sperm-like liquids. Others even have an egg-insertion feature. Giving the user a pleasurable experience when pushing out the egg after insertion. 

Why Do People Like Animal-Shaped Dildos

If you’re new to the trend, then you might be wondering why people enjoy riding animal-like toy dicks. The misconception many individuals have, is that those who use realistic mammal dildos want to have sex with these animals. In most cases, this isn’t true. 

Regular dildos resembling male genitalia, just aren’t interesting enough. Let’s face it: a male penis can only be as interesting for so long. The interesting shapes and textures of different animal’s privates are what get many women and men off. 

For more clarification on this topic read this interesting article:

For the utmost pleasure, it is advised that all animal dildos are used with generous amounts of lubrication. This will not only help with insertion but increase the pleasure levels to a maximum. 

If you’ve been a bit conservative when choosing your sex toys, you can feel free to expand the horizons and invest in a realistic animal dildo. Trying out different shapes, ridges, curves, and veins will add to your masturbation, making it an interestingly new experience.


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