How to make your first million


How do you make your first million? That question must’ve been in everyone’s mind at some point in their life. Who doesn’t want to have at least one million dollars money to their name? That is my first ever dream too. And then we’re back to the first question.

Being Financial Independent

Trying to achieve financial freedom is the main struggle for a lot of people for so many years. Ever since you were a kid you must have heard or been told by your parents or anyone that being successful means being rich. And being rich is when you finally make your first million.

Being financial independence means that you don’t have to think about cash anymore. You can live comfortably without relying on others or having to think whether you’ll be able to pay the bill or not.

Others will tell you that the first step to success is by having an investment account, because you can make money by spending it. Others might say that paying off your student loan debt is the proof that you’re progressing toward being financially independent as you age.

There are lots of stuff floating around. The two examples above are not wrong, it just shows that everyone has different perspectives of what can be considered as moving toward your goal. While you’re working full time, you might’ve realized that you have your own perspective as well.

Make Your First Move

Now that you’ve decided that you want to achieve financial independence or million dollars to your name. It’s time to devise a strategy for the future. Make your first move to finally be set for life. For this we can learn from other people and know what the things that are important in life are. These are some things that you can learn before you’re on the move.

Don’t Be Too Obsessed

Like already mentioned above. It’s unhealthy to think too much about money or another wealthy people e. It will bread jealousy, hatred, and make you forget about yourself. Make your priority to think more about yourself. Think inward not outward. What are the things that you already own? Maybe you have some passive income for you and your family or perhaps if you’re a creator, there are those who use or enjoy your creation.

Learn from the Best

Take Warren Buffett for example, do you know how he got to where he is now starting with $100? And now he is living the best life. That’s a long story and you could learn from that. There are also other big names like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. It might be a long shot, but you can use their achievements as the benchmark. Make your first step by researching them.

Making It Big with Casino

Casino is more than just a side hustle for some entities. They’re playing in casinos full time. And you can join a group of individuals who basically get free money from casinos. Making in a casino is a lifestyle that someone would love to be in. That endorphin rush when I earn money from casino make my day so much better.

It’s a business and the interest are quite high. For beginners, you can try games that are famous for high payout. For example: Poker, sports Online Cricket Betting ID, or even competing against other players in a competition. It’s not too late to join in, get real money casino apps. It’s app real money that you can try. Don’t be scared, make your first move by visiting the link and try it for yourself.

Making It Big with Casino

Track Your Progress

That brings us to the next point. Knowing your progression overtime is a good way to stay on track. It’s also a good thing to keep track on your funds. You should always set something aside for emergency funds, paying student loans, or maybe some funds for credit cards payment. It’s worth noting that setting up mutual funds could be useful as well.

Stop Thinking About What Other People Do or Have

Thinking too much about earning more cash isn’t good for your mental health. Everyone has their own ways of being happy. While some can find happiness by achieving higher net worth than their colleagues, doesn’t mean that you should be gunning for the same goal.

Some individuals are happy enough that they’re not in credit card debt, no matter the amount of wealth they have. You know how a person can ruin their life by buying stuff that they don’t need. So, save your breath and stop chasing after others. It’s all going back to you. You know well how to keep yourself passionate of achieving your goals and keep a balance in mental and physical health.

Investing Your Money

There are plenty of money market that you can use to make your first move to capitalize your money. Or perhaps you can dive into real estate or buying bonds if possible. This requires prior knowledge on which investment worth investing and how much money you can invest.

Investment can carry risks, if you’re not 100% sure you can always take the safest route. Creating savings account should be good enough for most people. It’s advised not to invest everything that you have so you’ll have something to fall onto in case things go wrong.

You can always take risks if you want to make your first move into investing. High risk high reward or even small risk high reward if you know where to look. With the right move you can hit the jackpot and finally transition into a comfortable retirement that you’ve been planning for so long. And this brings us to the other move that you can do.



Plan your strategy wisely in order to make your first step into being financially independent. There are multiple ways to achieve this. Maybe you can start a business. But everyone is different, including you. There might be a more inconvenient way for you to success, that others can’t imagine doing. Therefore, I mentioned casino. There are many folks that can prove to everyone how casino can turn you into millionaires. 



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