Weed Grower’s Tips: How to Develop a Green Thumb in the Greenhouse

weed grower's tips

By 2025, the projected sales of legal marijuana in the U.S. alone could be as much as $23 billion. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, now is a better time than ever to start growing your own weed.

As more and more states take on lax legal standings on the use and cultivation of marijuana, nearly every state that’s legalized marijuana has some allowances for growing weed in your own home. However, due to the stigmas surrounding it, many people don’t attempt this, as its often perceived to be too complicated, expensive, and/or time-consuming to be worth it.

If you’re considering growing weed, don’t be put off by the rumors. While growing weed does require time and dedication, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Even if you aren’t experienced in plant cultivation, you can still get your green thumb by following the right tips for growing weed.

Read on for our weed grower’s tips on growing weed at home.

Choosing the Right Growing System

One of the most important weed grower’s tips to keep in mind is this: there’s more than one way to do it. By choosing what works best for you, you can build a healthy crop at home.

Indoor Growing Systems

Choosing to grow your weed indoors offers the benefit of a controlled environment; also, it is often quicker than outdoor growing methods. However, there are more variables to keep in mind when you’re doing it.

DWC (Deep Water Culture) Hydroponics Growing System

A Deep Water Culture (DWC) growing system will grow faster than traditional soil methods. This is because the roots in a DWC have easy access to nutrients rather than having to search for them. On top of that, the plants will have an endless oxygen supply via the use of air stones in the reservoir.

Here are the best weed grower’s tips for growing weed with a DWC System:

  1. Keep temperatures of air and water under control. The ideal air temperature should be around 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit at all times when lights are on. Water should always remain at a consistent, controlled temperature as well.
  2. Watch the pH levels of your water; make sure they are always stable.
  3. Use an aerator at all times to keep a steady flow of oxygen. One of the most important weed grower’s tips is to make sure your plants have plenty of clean oxygen.
  4. Use a bubbler bucket system for your reservoirs. This system will suspend the roots of the plants in a nutrient-dense solution with plenty of oxygen.
  5. Keep your reservoirs clean! Use a pump to change out the water frequently, checking on your plants while you do it. This will minimize the chances of growing harmful bacteria in the reservoirs.
  6. Grow only one weed plant per every reservoir. Growing too many in one reservoir can inhibit growth and potentially cause mildew as well as other problems.
  7. Check your plants every day! In order to succeed, you will need a stable environment for your plants, which includes pH, oxygen levels, and clean reservoirs. By checking in daily, you can avoid imbalances that will harm or kill your weed plants.
  8. Drain your reservoirs a few days before harvesting the plants, replacing with pH-neutral water. This will “flush” your plants, removing any salt and other substances that could interfere with taste or quality.

DWC hydroponics systems are some of the most popular choices for growing weed indoors. By remembering these weed grower’s tips, you can successfully cultivate your own system, too.

Indoor Cannabis Grow Box

If you’re looking for an easier way to grow weed indoors, a cannabis grow box is the way to go. Essentially, these boxes act as growing machines for your weed crop, using an automated hydroponic system to grow whichever strain is selected via an app.

The grow box comes with sensors to monitor pH levels, temperature, and other important growing conditions. Should anything go wrong, the box will readjust levels to fix the problem.

While this is the easiest and most fool-proof method for growing weed indoors, it is more costly than developing your own indoor growing system. Another downfall of this method is that it only allows you to grow one plant at a time.

Coco Coir Growing Method

Another great method of growing weed indoors is the coco coir method. This uses coconut husks instead of potting mix, allowing for better absorption of moisture as well as greater oxygen and nutrient retention. It’s also much more forgiving if you make any errors.

Essentially, this pairs the simplicity of soil gardening with the quick growth of hydroponic methods, helping you get the best of both worlds.

Here are some of the best weed grower’s tips for the coco coir method of growing:

  1. Choose a “flood and drain” system that is controlled via a timer and a pump. This will be easier than most of the “drip from above” hydroponic systems.
  2. Be sure you use high-quality coconut fiber. This will help with root development and overall quality of your plants.
  3. During early growth stages, water around the perimeter of each pot to promote root growth.
  4. Do not allow your coconut fiber to become too dry.
  5. Be sure to feature Magnesium and Calcium in your coco grow medium.
  6. Check pH levels and change your water frequently.

When done correctly, the coco coir can be an efficient (and more forgiving) alternative to the DWC method for growing indoors.

Weed Grower’s Tips for Growing Outdoors

If you’re in a good climate for it, you can grow weed outdoors successfully, too. This uses traditional soil methods that you’ve probably experienced before.

Here are the best weed grower’s tips for growing outdoors:

  1. Start with good soil. You can use organic soil, compost, or nutrient-enriched soil from the store. Do not use Miracle-Gro or other controlled-release soils, as this will interfere with appropriate nitrogen levels.
  2. If you add nutrients, do this about once a week. If you use synthetic nutrients, flush them regularly by flooding the soil.
  3. Don’t overwater your plants. Look for about 2-3 inches of dry soil before watering again.
  4. Check the pH levels of your soil regularly.

While growing weed indoors tends to yield the highest-quality plants, you can still grow outside with good results. By following these weed grower’s tips, you can have a successful crop in your yard.

Start Growing Your Cannabis Today

Despite what you may have heard, growing cannabis isn’t as difficult or expensive as it seems. Now that you’ve got our best weed grower’s tips under your belt, start planning your crop today.

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