Why you need Stourbridge Solicitors for probate


Probate is perhaps one of the most misunderstood processes for those seeking legal help. Simply put, probate refers to a legal procedure that involves a court distributing the deceased’s estate. While using a solicitor in some places might not be compulsory, you still need to have one to make the process a bit smoother, especially if your loved one has passed away. This post will discuss why you should hire a solicitor for probate. 

The benefits of having a solicitor for probate

If your loved one has passed away and you are named as the executor of the estate, you take the responsibility of doing probate for their estate. Unfortunately, probate can sometimes take longer to complete, meaning it can take a year or more years. Besides, if you error in carrying out the duties as an estate administrator, you can be financially or legally responsible. For this reason, it makes sense to use a solicitor for probate in such situations.

It’s important to note that probate may not be needed if the deceased didn’t have investments, property, shares, or if the estate is below a certain value. Therefore, if you decide to use a KingsGuard Stourbridge solicitor for probate, then you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands. You see a solicitor understands the requirements of probate and this can help you complete it in a short time. 

The first process of probate usually involves the submission of a petition to the relevant probate court and giving notice to beneficiaries. This is followed by auditing of the estate and sending of notices to all known estate’s creditors. 

After paying for the funeral expenses and estate using the funds from the estate, there is a transfer of legal titles of the assets. As you can see, this process can be overwhelming to someone who is still grieving their loved one, so having a solicitor can help you to avoid it.

When to use a probate solicitor

Enlisting the services of a reliable probate solicitor can give you a chance to grieve during this emotional time. The good news is that a probate solicitor is independent, they handle similar cases regularly, and have no emotional ties. This means they can deal with the legal processes with a clear mind to make sound decisions.

Aside from this, you should always consider hiring a probate solicitor if you feel that there might be a problem with the execution of the estate. This includes a dispute in the validity of the will, a large estate with complex details, a bankrupt estate, the estate that is still receiving income, and many more.

It’s also important to note that a solicitor might usually charge you depending on their fees. This can be a percentage of the estate’s value or an hourly rate. Also, there might be disbursement costs and other extra costs like the probate application fee. Therefore, you should always ask for the solicitor’s fees before you hire them so that you can make an informed decision.


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