What is the eyelash lifting?

the eyelash lifting

Today we are going to talk about the eyelash lifting. The eyelash lifting is not currently very well known term. This is why we decided, that we should explain it properly to you. No matter if you are an aspiring stylist, a customer who wants to look perfect or a young girl, who simply wants to increase her knowledge, this is the place to learn something. We invite you to read this article. Here you are going to learn much more than you can even expect.

Eyelash lifting is a cosmetic procedure that is gaining more and more followers every year. The treatment makes eyelashes become more curled, visually much longer and more nicely exposed. Eyelash lifting is especially recommended for owners of long eyelashes. Of course, curling can also be done on long and thick eyelashes, which gives the freshness to your look. However, you probably want to ask what is worth knowing about eyelash lifting before going to the beauty salon? Is this treatment safe for


 The length volume lift method of permanent curling of eyelashes has been patented many years ago. In the United Kingdom and France, it has been used for a long time but in other countries it barely started to develop.

Eyelash lamination is also a very popular solution, which is picked by a large number of salon clients. It is a technique that uses various substances (e.g. keratin) that perfectly nourish eyelashes and make them stronger. However, when it comes to eyelash lifting itself, a common question asked by women is how long the eyelash lifting effect lasts. Good news here – it is a long effect. Still, there is also a bad news, because it is worth noting that new eyelashes that will grow in place of the old ones will no longer be curled up.

Eyelash lifting: indications

Permanent eyelash curling treatment is considered by some women to be a procedure that might damage eyelashes. Nothing could be more wrong, because this method is not very invasive and does not interfere with the structure of the eyelashes. For a long time, this type of facelift has been successfully used in many beauty salons around the world, and the main indications in choosing this treatment by customers, are as following:

  •       Short and thinned eyelashes,
  •       Eyelash resistant eyelashes,
  •       Straight eyelashes.

Eyelash lifting: contraindications

The eyelash lifting procedure itself is not invasive and it’s safe. However, it turns out that it has some limitations that should be remembered and about which the person performing the facelift should be informed. The main contraindications include:

  •   Eye diseases (e.g. cave or cataract),
  •       Excessive eyelash loss,
  •       Dry eye syndrome,
  •       Eye sensitization,
  •       Trichotillomania (a mental disorder manifested as uncontrolled hair pulling),
  •       Inflammation of the eyes or conjunctivitis.

Eyelash lifting: description of the procedure

Eyelash lifting consists of a number of activities that are performed in a strictly defined order. Diligent and correct implementation of the procedure will certainly bring satisfactory results.

At the beginning, the person who performs the treatment puts on the eyelashes a special substance that contributes to the change in the position of cysteine ​​compounds. They are responsible for the natural shape of the eyelashes and their arrangement.

Then the beautician puts a special roller-shaped form on the upper eyelid, on which  eyelashes are going to rest during the procedure. The final effect of the treatment will depend on the diameter of the roller. The mold itself is covered with glue.

In the third step, the beautician glues the eyelashes to the form and covers them with a special agent that allows curling of the eyelashes in accordance to the shape of the surface of the mold. After a while, eyelashes are moisturized with a special serum prepared for this purpose.

Finally, the beautician gently peels off eyelashes from the mold giving them the right shape. Sometimes clients also decide on eyelash henna, which slightly darkens them.

Eyelash lifting: effects

The main effects of eyelash lifting include:

  •       Clear curling of eyelashes,
  •       Strengthening eyelashes and their protection,
  •       Optical thickening and lengthening of eyelashes,
  •       Definitely fresher look,
  •       Long-lasting effect without the necessity of daily eyelash curling.

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