Top 5 Anti-Aging Tips

anti aging

Change is something that is unavoidable. Even our body and face will eventually change and our skin will age. But there are now a lot of available products and procedures for people to use and do to slow the aging process down. For example, there are handheld led-light therapy devices can increase collagen product which is beneficial to anti-aging. Remember to check out reviews to find the best handheld led light therapy device. Nowadays, skincare is not just used for acne prevention, it can also be used to achieve a healthier and younger looking skin. To look younger, we have listed the top 5 anti-aging tips and preventive actions.

Sunscreen is your new best friend

Sunscreen with broad spectrum of SPF should be your best friend and is you most important anti-aging tip. Exposure to sunlight is the main cause of age spots, discolorations, increased fine lines, uneven texture, brown spots and blotchy complexion that will result to an early aging skin. So in order for you to prevent your skin from looking old, protect yourself from the sun and befriend a sun screen.

Always remove your make up

Leaving your face uncleaned overnight will speed up the ageing of your skin. It will quickly clog your pores and will cause collagen breakdown over time. And besides, removing your make up before going to bed also helps prevent acne break out.


Exfoliating once or twice a week will help you remove all your dead skin cells and will make way for the growth of the new ones. It will help your skin look younger and smoother. Also, it will help your skin maintain its radiance and glow. Just remember not to be harsh on your skin and just be gentle. 

Move more

A little bit of exercise can be good for your skin. The sweats you produce helps remove cell debris from pores and improves the clarity of your skin. In addition, sweating also helps in washing away impurities. It does not matter if your workout routine is not that long, as long as you release some sweat, it will work just fine.

Get some sleep.

It is called beauty sleep for a reason. When you are asleep, your skin will automatically repair and restores itself making it produce new cells to replace the older ones. When you lack sleep, it prevents yourself from producing new and healthy cells making your skin lose its glow and instantly affects and age your skin. And besides, there are some hormones that only function at night. So, always make sure to get enough sleep to keep your face and skin healthy. 

Effective skin care does not need to be expensive. Hopefully, these anti-aging tips gave you an idea on how you will treat your skin for it to look more healthy. These tips still works even to people who are already showing signs of aging. I guess it will never be too late for anyone, if follow the proper instructions.


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