CBD Tincture vs Oil: Which Is More Effective?

cbd tincture vs oil

Ever since the legalization of CBD in 2018, there have been so many new products out on the market. With so many different items to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed and confused about what is better. If you are wondering what the difference is between CBD tincture vs oil, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to learn more about the difference between both.


First, let’s talk about CBD oil. In lamest terms, CBD oil is a CBD isolate that is pulled through CO2 extraction, and then it is diffused into a carrier oil for human consumption and for the body to absorb. The carrier oils are natural like a coconut-based oil, hemp seed oil, or MCT oil.

The oil is made by extracting the oil from the seeds, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plant. CBD oil is considered the most potent out of all CBD forms and it usually is also the most expensive.

CBD oil has fatty acids, essential vitamins, nutrients, and of course cannabinoids. Because the oil is potent the average person only needs two to three teaspoons per day. This amount can vary based on goals and body weight.

You want to make sure that when you buy your CBD oil you buy from reputable companies like Greeny. This will ensure that you are not only receiving the best oil out there but also legal oil that is indeed derived from hemp and follows the farming process per federal law.

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are kept in alcohol arrangements. The CBD is placed under 60-70% distilled alcohol, glycerin, peppermint oil, or cinnamon oil. The potency in tinctures is lower than the potency of CBD oil.

CBD tinctures have a long shelf life and they also have a higher bioavailability because of the alcohol presence. The alcohol is like a preservative for the CBD and it enhances the CBD life.

You have the option of cooking with CBD tinctures by using water-soluble CBD. Some of the tincture ingredients include melatonin, sweeteners, vitamin B12, D, C, water, herbs, and essential oils.

Main Differences

Now that we broke down what CBD tinctures are and what CBD oils are, we are going to go over in further detail about the main differences.


You can mix CBD oil in smoothies or in dressings if you want to consume them in your food. You can also ingest CBD oil through the vape method while you are on the go. Another option is to place a few drops or a full dropper under the tongue and hold it for a few seconds before swallowing.

CBD tinctures can be mixed in food while you are cooking because of its alcohol base. You can also place a few drops under the tongue and hold it there for a few seconds before swallowing. If you prefer to add a few drops to your drink or your food you can do that too.


Another difference is the base for each one. CBD tinctures have an alcohol base and CBD oils have cannabidiol as a base or oil carrier.

Keep in mind that although they have different bases they still have the same therapeutic properties. They both relieve anxiety, inflammation, and stress.

Shelf Life

CBD tinctures have a longer shelf life than CBD oils because like we mentioned earlier they are made from alcohol that acts as a preservative. CBD oils do not have the same shelf life as tinctures do.

If you ever notice a foggy or cloudy film in a CBD oil this means that it is probably expired.


Usually, the price of any type of CBD product on the market depends on things such as the extraction method, the strength, the potency, etc. The cost of a 500ml of CBD tincture and CBD oil is around the same price. Typically this will cost between $35 and $45.

CBD oil that is high quality will be more expensive than CBD tincture.


CBD tinctures are easier on the pallet. The reason is that they come in different flavors. You have everything from vanilla to chocolate to peach, etc to choose from. CBD oils, on the other hand, have an unpleasant taste when you consume them orally.

Which One Is Better?

The simple answer to this question is that it varies. The choice of which is better depends on what you prefer and what you are looking for. You might prefer tincture over oils because of the flavors or because you can cook with them.

Or you might prefer oils because they are more potent. Choosing one over the other will also depend on your purpose for using CBD. You might prefer to have the option of using it topically and orally while someone else might only want to use it under the tongue.

Either way, there is no wrong because the properties and the benefits will be the same in both.

Now You Know About CBD Tincture vs Oil

As you can see there is a difference when it comes to CBD tincture vs oil. Now that you are familiar with these differences you can make an informed decision on what is best for you. You can also try both and see which one you prefer.

The great thing about both CBD tinctures and CBD oil is that they are discreet. You also won’t have to worry about having psychoactive effects like you would with cannabis.

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