Table trends & Concepts for 2020


There is one word that explains clearly the patterns that will take 2020 the world of interior decoration by storm: Variety. No tendency is better than another. Strong metals and fine woods cohabit together with no more arbiter than our imagination and, hopefully, taste.

Nevertheless, going deeper and resting in the sensible guidance of classic influential occasions, like Milan Design Week 2019 to name a few, there are some quite recognizable components that will come along in every field of decoration and furniture. A sense of nostalgia for the Mid Century Modern period, it in some way contrasted with the conventional Country, and the basic Scandinavian; the huge return of marble; the increase of wood and metal surface areas; and using natural, big plants will absolutely stay here through 2020.

When it comes to the universe of tables, we can appreciate all these elements playing with each other freely. Once once again, the Tulip Table, with all its versions, is a recurring characteristic, due to its adaptability.

Even in an eclectic method, we’ll discover Saarinen’s Tulip tables and chairs; LeCorbusier chairs and couches; and Eames furniture, to name a few requirements of the duration, all over the place. High color contrasts in furniture, playing with softer tones on the walls will be common.

Whether in a traditional presentation or in a developed variation, the Tulip Table and its impact in design will exist in 2020, due to its versatility and versatility with products such as marble, wood, and steel.

The marble and its big return. As it is as strong as it sounds, it’s definitely true. Marble strikes the ceiling in 2019 in every furniture piece possible, even restored with the arrival of the new kid in town: the green marble (see photo). This stunning stone will exist in contemporary tables, in its top or its body. It’s natural appeal, sturdiness and shine integrate effortlessly with the other dominant materials of the season: metal and wood, to bring us freshness and a sense of self-confidence and strength.Authentic Interio


The green marble, a new young boy in the area getting here from Italy, is here to remain in 2020. The marble is among the favored products to utilize on top of contemporary tables. And even when it’s synthetic, it will bring you an enjoyable look and a tidy space for work, or for having your dinner.

Wood and Steel: partners in style. In 2019, the furnishings will reflect it in the increase of wood and steel as products of choice. Both products boost our senses, not just by the method they look, but with its texture and even response to the weather.

On the other hand, when it concerns the everlasting wood, the dominant trend is natural, naked sources, with colors beige or cream. The Scandinavian Style keeps its substantial popularity, now accompanied by an increase of a restored and fresher Country Style.

When it concerns tables, you can see that the same model of furniture (a Tulip Table) can be adjusted quickly to steel or wood, whether in its body or its top and still keep faithful to its style concepts with beauty and versatility.

In the wood there is a clear preference for clear, beige colors, to make a lighter area. The Mid Century Modern furniture fits completely with this requirement, due to its characteristic simpleness. The ergonomic and clean landscape over and below revitalizes the air and relaxes our senses.

Bring nature in. Often they’re in, sometimes they’re out, and obviously, there is never ever space for the artificial ones. But in 2020, nature, and primarily, big plants are now invited all over your house, and this time in huge sizes. As a natural complement of making use of wood, marble, and steel, the natural tones of green and brown and their abundant kinds and textures are more than favored. It is all about a feeling of liberty, and in some way, trespassing borders settled in our restricted, cool areas. The conventional view of a delicate arrangement crowning a side table quits its predominance to a green and more wild presence in all spaces: living space, bedrooms, and halls.

Take an appearance at how easy and in some sense a minimalistic set of furniture remains in somehow impregnated with the presence of plants and flowers that surround them, way ahead of the standard bouquet, it’s more like a component full of life that requires its proper area. Even in generally more restricted areas, like a bedroom.

Increasingly more conscious of the complexities and paradoxes of this world we are residing in, and playing a fragile game of reverse, the world of Interior Design in 2020 is looking to reach stability where no pattern is over the other one and holds securely into crucial principles that do not appear to be going anywhere soon. 

Explosive nature and effective furniture; glossy steel, marvelous marble, and worthy wood; all these aspects are combined within a sentimental appearance of the past, to find out and grow, and a dynamic present, anticipating a more well balanced and thorough future. And splendidly, we can see it in all of these components when we reach for our preferred book on our side table in our living space, while we relax with our household.


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