Glass Fence Guide: The Pros + Cons of Glass Fencing


There are several places in a garden or yard where you need to have fencing. Of course, there are many different styles of fencing and while glass fencing isn’t usually the first option for the perimeter of your home, there are a number of places it’s well-suited.

This includes around swimming pools, decking, balconies, and even your patio area. Of course, before you choose high-quality glass balustrades you’ll want to check out the wide variety of styles available.

The Pros

Several benefits need to be considered:

  • Visibility

The most obvious benefit is that you can see through a glass balustrade. If you’re fitting it to a balcony then you can still enjoy the view while being safely protected from falling off the edge.

Alternatively, glass balustrade around a pool allows you to keep an eye on anyone in the pool while making sure children that are too young can’t get in. It’s a great safety measure.

  • Design

There are plenty of different designs when considering glass balustrades. Framed or frameless are the most common choices but you can also have frosted, etched, or even colored glass, depending on where you would like it to go.

That means it can make your yard look more contemporary or it can be invisible, the choice is yours.  

  • Enlarging

Because light pours through the glass it can make any space feel bigger than it is. This is useful on decking to help you feel like you’re connected to the rest of the garden. But, it’s even more useful if you fit glass fencing as a balustrade on your internal stairs. It will allow light to pour downstairs and improve the feel of the hallway space.

  • Durability

Glass is surprisingly tough. In general, it’s scratch proof and shatterproof. With the right care and maintenance, your glass fence panels should last for many years. All you need to do is give them a clean with soap and water regularly.

The Cons

Of course, no material is perfect, there are a couple of negatives that you should consider before you commit to glass fencing.

  • Privacy

Glass is excellent for enclosing areas of your yard to provide safety without disrupting any view. However, it’s not the ideal fence to put around the perimeter of your yard as it won’t provide any privacy. 

It will keep pests out and is difficult to climb, but it won’t stop people from seeing you. The question is where is your house located and how important is privacy to you?

  • Wildlife

Birds and bees are particularly affected by glass. They simply don’t see it and will fly directly into it. The sad thing is that in most cases the bird or the bee will die.

It may not happen every day but it is something to be prepared for and perhaps find a bird/bee deterrent.

  • Cleaning

Don’t forget that, because the fence is glass, you’ll need to clean both sides of it. This can be time-consuming. 



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