Bachelor Bracket Fantasy League On Your Bridal Party? Count Me In!

Bachelor Bracket Fantasy League

Among the many things you and your girlfriends can try during a wild bridal party night, I bet you have never once thought about creating your own The Bachelor Bracket Fantasy League. It’s a fun and laid-back game that requires no legwork at all (read more). And the best part is that you can compare and contrast your league not just with your girls but also with thousands of other players online!  

Wait, what? You’ve never heard of The Bachelor series before? Whatever do you mean?

If you’re telling me that you are a grown ass woman who has a cabled TV at home, lightning speed Wi-Fi connection, and a whole bag of potato chips resting on your lap who has not dare see a single episode of this internet-breaking reality TV show, then girl you’ve got me looking at you with this belief. No offense but no woman of culture says that she hasn’t watched a single episode of this raging series – especially when she’s single!

We’re now several seasons into the popular reality TV show. It has simply been an instant hit among hopeless romantics and cheesy love fanatics. If I’m not mistaken, the first one to air was “The Bachelor” back in 2002 (see here: and I can still remember that pilot episode. Although I’m sure that if I were to watch it again now, it would be totally derp.

Following the success of the mother series, “The Bachelorette” also came into production. Basically, both shows are about single men and women finding love in front of a national audience. Frankly speaking, if there are about three things people can’t get enough of, it would be love, tragedies, and violence. No wonder shows of these genres are so popular!

Anyway, it would be a sweet irony to play a “Bachelorette” game during the party of a soon-to-be married woman. It’s going to be great fun for your friends who are avid fans of the show too! Plus, it doesn’t involve naked men running around butt-naked in their thongs so I’m sure your partner can put his worries to rest for the night as well. 

How Does The Bachelor/Bachelorette Game Works?

Bachelor/Bachelorette Game Works

In the TV show, a contestant or “love interest” is disqualified when they fail to receive a rose during the week’s culmination night (The Bachelorette). This means that someone gets rejected every week (It’s sad, I know). When the girl fails to receive a rose, this means that she is no longer seen as a potential love interest of the eligible bachelors they have on the show.

But hey, love isn’t something to be forced – even if it’s being aired on national television. If you’re an avid supporter of a certain bachelorette, their loss can be devastating for you too. Even more so, if you and your friends actually betted on the outcome!

And now, you can do exactly that – and not just with your friends this time but with the whole internet! This is where the Bachelor Bracket Fantasy League comes in!

What Is The Bachelor Bracket Fantasy League Game?

 Bachelor Bracket Fantasy League Game

If you’re a big fan of the series to, I bet there were some instances when you thought that predicting the matches would be pretty interesting to do. But of course, it wouldn’t be as much fun if your predictions are just floating around your head. You need people to compare your guesses with; it’s fun to engage in discussions about who you think would be the best match for the bachelor or bachelorette. It’s also fun to complain and bicker about the outcomes whenever it isn’t to your liking.

This is what the Bachelor Bracket Fantasy League game is about. It basically allows you to select your “league” or create bracket of possible matches and see whether your predictions are right along the way. For example for The Bachelor, you can choose which girls would be the strongest contenders; you can even choose who will advance to the next levels and who the victor in the end is.

Speculating about possible scenarios and comparing your predictions with those of other players can make for a great topic during girl night outs – or better yet, during your friend’s bridal party.

Just imagine: you and your friends sipping mimosas, bumping into each other as you laugh and argue your faces off over whose league will come out victorious. Girlfriends bickering with each other is pretty normal and I’d say it’s something you can regard as bonding time to deepen the friendship (check this out!). It’s a great way to deepen your girly bonds.

Anyway, official sites for The Bachelor Reality TV games like The Bachelor Bracket even offer points to participants who can successfully predict what unfolds in the show’s future. Accurately predicting who stays and who leaves awards you points for bragging rights and there are even points that you can exchange for the popular TV show’s merch. Oh, and bragging rights – I just have to mention it twice since we girls are so competitive with each other.

While there are a multitude of activities that you can do with your girls, playing the Fantasy League Game can also be a fun culminating activity for the night. After you’ve had a couple of drinks and danced your heels off, you would want to do something laid back but still fun with the gals, right?

This activity seems to be the perfect thing to do before you draw your night to a close.

You’re going to get married soon anyway so why not go all out on your last night as a Bachelorette? After you get married, it’s all going to be NFL and NBA airing on the TV anyway – not unless, you marry someone who shares the same fascination for the reality TV show that you do!

Well, good luck on planning a fun and wild night with the girls. I’m sure you all can’t wait to start your night of mayhem but be sure to keep this suggestion in mind. It’ll be fun, I tell you! 


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