Top Tips And Benefits Of Clean Pool Water

Clean Pool Water

There is nothing better than diving into the crystal blue waters of a swimming pool on a hot summer day. The sparkling clean pool water can always mesmerize you even as you lounge on a pool chair. Besides, a poolside BBQ party can create the best summer memories. 

Most people don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to pool cleaning. Only changing water or adding chlorine is not enough to keep pool water clean. You should know some fundamentals of pool cleaning. Let’s dive in to know more about pool cleaning tips.

  1. Clean Pool waters with Robots

This is the easiest but expensive option of all. Robotic pool cleaners can use GPS systems and cover whole pool cleaning in two to three hours. Instead of wheels these pool cleaners move with heavy-duty brushes to scrape algae, dirt, and stubborn sediments.

Other than that, the robot can move to walls, cove, and even waterline without any hassles. Because of its dual-stage cartridge system, it can trap large to ultra-fine debris with ease. Furthermore, its powerful pump functions independently and does not need the pool’s pump connection. To know more about quality robotic pool cleaners check out the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Review.

  1. Clean Pool Filters

Everyday pool water gathers new impurities, dirt, aquatic insects, leaves, and other dust and debris to the pool environment. To clean all this there is no better manual option than pool filters. Pool filters capture all the dirt from pool water and reserve it in filter baskets. You just need to clean up the basket so that it can function well. 

To clean the pool filter, turn off the filter and remove the filter cap from the basket. Now, lift the basket and remove all gathered debris. Before replacing it back, give it a wash with fresh water. Cleaning this filter basket once or twice a week can do the job of pool water cleaning effectively. For cartridge filters, cleaning once a month would be enough. 

  1. Pool Deck Cleaning

Most of us primarily focus on pool water cleaning and often neglect deck cleaning. Besides, a pool deck is the primary source of all dirt entering your pool. It can shred algae spores, viruses, bacteria, and dirt. Other than that, nearby trees or shrubs can have fallen leaves for more dirt generation.

For pool deck cleaning, you can try manual long-handled brush and disinfected solutions for at least once a week. Or else, you may try more advanced power washing to remove rust and weather stains from the pool deck. You can also add a detergent solution to power wash in order to sanitize the entire pool deck. 

  1. Try Pool Shocking

Pool shocking is the process of a drastic increase of chlorine level to kill bacteria and other microbes in the pool water. Because of this shocking, pool water can turn murky for a while – so don’t get alarmed. 

All you need to do is to dilute chlorine or sanitizer to at least three folds and pour it back to the pool’s return line. Once it filters through to the pool, refill new water over time. Try shocking for two to three times a season to keep your pool free from microbial growth.

  1. Maintain Optimum Water Level

Water levels have a direct correlation to the pool filtration system. The water level should be at least halfway marked to the pool wall or it should touch the center level of a pool skimmer. 

What happens if the pool water level is too high or too low? A low water level can dry up the pumping system and in extreme conditions, it may burn out the system. On the other hand, high water levels can put extra pressure on the skimmer door and it may not function properly. 

  1. Checking Pool Chemistry

Check pool chemistry to understand the pool’s environment and what actions you need to take. In general, the pool water should have a pH level in the 7.2 to 7.8 range. The pH level changes have a direct correlation to chlorine addition to the pool water. 

As the pH increases, chlorine activity decreases. If the pH rises from 7 to 8, chlorine activity decreases from 50% to 10%. So you have to add more chlorine for the same water volume. Other than pH, you can check parameters like cyanuric acid, free chlorine, calcium hardness, etc.

  1. Try Tennis Balls to Absorb Oils

Pool water often gets mixed with natural oils, suntan lotion, sunscreen, hair products, and other emulsions. This can leave a sleek sheen on top of your pool water. If you are not addressing this issue on time, things can turn gunky when you dive for a splash in pool water. 

The solution is simple- throw tennis balls in pool water. The fibers in the tennis balls can entrap sticky oils and prevent oil in water emulsion formation in pool water. As a result, you get fresh and clean water for your pool.

Benefits of Clean Pool Water

Cleaning pool water has a good number of benefits to count. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Enhances Longevity of Pool Equipment 

Regular pool cleaning ensures there is no clog of leaves or debris in your pool filter for too long. So, it enhances the longevity of pool equipment like pool filters, skimmer, and pump. 

  1. Clean Pool makes your Garden More Inviting

The pool is the center of attention in your backyard. Whenever someone enters the garden, the first thing they will notice is always going to be the pool. Sparkling pool water is half of your garden’s beauty. It is also a source of pride for a pool owner. 

  1. Helps You to Stay Healthy

Clean pool water has the least chances of waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid, polio, dysentery, meningitis, and skin infection. Also, polluted water can cause bad odors. Other than that, stagnant water can become a breeding ground for insects. 

  1. Source of Entertainment

Dive in a shiny pool or having a poolside BBQ party can relieve your stress in the hot summer season. Even if you sit on a pool chair, its fresh cold breeze from pool water can help you relax and let your mind adrift. Besides, water sports in pool water are always a fun activity for the family while keeping them fit. 

Final Verdict

Your pool is of no big use without clean pool water. Cleaning and maintaining the pool not only enhances the image of your lawn, but also brings you the pride of ownership. Cleaning pool water is not that difficult. You just need to be consistent and smart about pool cleaning and follow some basic rules. As every pool owner knows, the state of their pool is a big reflection of their own image,  So, get yourself the sparkling crystal blue pool you deserve! 


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