Flaunt Your Soft and Radiant Skin This Summer 2020

Soft and Radiant Skin

You have been anticipating the summer season all year. Finally, you will be able to go to the beach with your friends and lay under the sun for days.However, are you truly ready? To give you the confidence to wear the sexiest swimsuits and the frilliest dresses this coming summer, here are some tips to prep your skin and body:

Lighten Dark Areas

Hyperpigmentation is normal. It often occurs after a mosquito bite, a zit, or a wound has healed. Excessive rubbing or chemicals in skincare products may also cause irritation. These are called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Whitening products can help lighten dark areas of your body. There are underarm whitening products, for example, if you have dark underarms due to shaving or the use of deodorants/antiperspirants that contain an ingredient that you are allergic to.

For your face, try tretinoin. It is the same product found in the topical medication used for acne called Retin-A. Although Retin-A requires a prescription from your dermatologist in the United States, there are lotions and moisturizers that contain tretinoin.

Summer Glow

Exfoliation should be part of your regular routine. It keeps your skin soft, radiant, and youthful by removing the layer of cells that may clog your pores and cause the appearance of blemishes.

Scrubs are a popular way to remove the outer layer of skin cells that are ready to be sloughed off. Some use brushes and polishing cloths to smooth away rough spots on your body.

However, be warned. Physical exfoliation may be too abrasive for your face. The coarse particles found in scrubs may cause little nicks on your skin. Look into chemical exfoliation. Products that contain glycolic, salicylic, lactic, or polyhydroxy acids can remove the outer layer in a more effective and less irritating manner.

Remove Body Hair

Having body hair is natural. Removing body hair on your underarms, legs, arms, and bikini area is not necessary to look summer-ready.However, if you prefer being hairless from top-to-toe, then there are several options available for you. You can choose to shave, wax, thread, or pluck unwanted hair. You can do it on your own at home or with the help of a professional.

What you need to be careful about is irritation. Your body hair serves an important function in protecting your skin from elements. Removing them exposes your skin, leaving it vulnerable to irritation.

Give your skin time to recuperate after shaving, waxing, threading, or plucking. You need to stay away from the sun for at least 48 hours after the procedure, experts recommended. Wear loose clothing after hair removal to prevent ingrown hair.

Give Your Feet Some TLC

You have hidden your feet under layers of socks, tights, and boots all winter long. Now, your feet have the chance to breathe freely and enjoy the summer sun.

Your feet need attention, too! Remove dry spots and calluses by soaking it in warm water mixed with salt and your favorite essential oil. Then, slough off dead skin with a pumice stone, exfoliating brush, or washcloth.At night, rub a rich lotion or emollient cream on your feet then cover them with cotton socks. Repeat once a week to maintain smooth skin.

The most important secret to becoming summer-ready is confidence. Hopefully, the steps above will give you the courage to wear what you want to wear and be who you want to be without restrictions.


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